Olivia brown and the prisoner of Azkaban

a sequel to Olivia brown and the philosophers stone, and the chamber of secrets.


2. back to school...again

I walked onto the Hogwarts Express with my sisters. My Mom said that I had to sit by my sisters, since it was they're first year. We walked by the different compartments on the train, and she saw Harry Potter sitting in one compartment, talking to his friends, and of course, Anna with her extreme love of bugging me, walked in and said,

" Hey guys, can we sit here? We don't want to take up to much space when this place get's crowded!" 

"Sure, we don't mind." 

Replied Harry. The twins laughed as we sat on the bench. they took up all of the seating, so I was sitting right next to Harry. Of course, I knew my sisters wanted something to happen, and I wanted to let them know that Harry was just a normal kid, and so he talked with his friends Ron and Hermionie, and the twins whispered, while I had a very enjoyable conversation with Ginny. Then, in the midst of all of this, the air froze. It was like all of the life had been sucked out of me! It was dark, and so i tried to find them, and ended up hugging Harry, but did find them.Then, a hooded figure meandered out from behind the corner. Apparently there was a professor sitting in the corner. I was talking to Ginny, who was sitting as far away from him as you can in that row. I didn't see him, and he got up, held out his wand, and said

" None of us are hiding Serious Black under our coats, go away!"

But the thing got closer. 

" Go away!"

He screamed. And when he didn't, he whispered something under his breath, and a silvery animal-shaped thing came bursting out of his wand. The thing went away, but I heard something hit the floor, but I didn't really care, because as long as everybody was safe, then I was good. But I didn't know until after when the lights turned on that Harry had fainted, but he got up about 5 minutes after. And nobody should get between me and a chocolate bar, and so I was very happy when the professor told us to eat the chocolate. But by then, the ride was almost over. And when we got to Hogwarts, I was relieved that we got there. 

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