The Curvature of Your Spine

A poem about the invasive nature of cancer. For Ling.


1. The Curvature of Your Spine

Sickness was in the curl of your spine

Osseous of your bone

Metastatic and abnormal

There were growths in the pad of your fingers

Flimsy blue veins of your eyelids


An unwelcome visitor

Creeping and nestling into the crook

Of collarbone

Into the joint of neck

Into the reaches and expanses of skin

The country that was your body

Waging war

Metastatic and abnormal

There was a sigh in your laugh

And when you swallowed it was pain that you sat with

My only wish is to correct the badness of your posture

The misalignment of your mind

The fracturing of your depression

The pervasive sadness that stands inside you and sits with you

My only wish is to pray

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