The Day I Died

Kat Beeker was a 16 year old girl with social anxiety. She had two best friends: Aaron and her mom, Hazel. After her crappy father left the two, Kat and Hazel got closer every day. For the most part she was a normal teenage girl, until the day she died.


6. Lost in the Stars

     "I understand you have made a decision... Well, your subconscious has, and that good enough for me."

     "Hnn...?" I muttered, my eyes fluttering open to a dimly lit scenery. Taking in my surroundings slowly, I noticed that the stars I laid under seemed much to inhumanely close and I wasn't able to decipher which emotion was more prominent: terror or awe. Whichever it was, there was no doubt it was an entity so entirely past beauty that it would be impossible to describe without dulling it.

     "Are you so rapped up with such a common sight that you cannot possibly spare the time to respond to the being who decides if you return to your life or not?"

The inquiring voice immediately shook me from my thoughts, slightly startling me. "My- my decision?" I asked.

     "Yes, child. Whether or not you would like me to connect your body and soul once more."

The memories of last night suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks. My stomach dropped as I realized that I hadn't truly given Hazel a proper goodbye yet again. That was twice now that my mother had disappeared from my life, and I can promise you, it doesn't get any easier.

     "I'm ready to go back," I stated, and then added in a quieter tone, "at least as I'll ever be."

     "Good. But don't worry, I'll be calling upon you for a favor every so often."

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