The Day I Died

Kat Beeker was a 16 year old girl with social anxiety. She had two best friends: Aaron and her mom, Hazel. After her crappy father left the two, Kat and Hazel got closer every day. For the most part she was a normal teenage girl, until the day she died.


5. Hello and Goodbye

          "How do I get to her?"

          "Close your eyes." I immediately did as I was told, eager but terrified to see Hazel. "Now close your mind to only to the thought of her and want, with all your being, to be standing next to her."

  After a few seconds of this, the voice was replaced by a much more familiar one.

          "Kat you're here! I've missed you so much!" I opened my eyes, sank to my knees, and cried as I never have before.

          "Mom...I'm so sorry! This is all my fault...You shouldn't have died."

          "Hey enough of that. It was no one's fault and my time to go. I'm sorry I won't be able to be there for you all the time anymore."

          "What do you mean? We're together again!"

          "No honey. You haven't lived your life to the fullest and you still have a chance to go out and see the world. I think you should return to your body."

          "Hazel how could you say that?! Don't you want to be a family again?"

          "Of course I do, how could you ever question that? But I could never live with myself if I influenced your decision if you stay here....Won't you miss Aaron?"

          "I - ugh. I don't want to leave you again!"

  Hazel sighed, pulled me into a hug, and said, " Kat, you'll see me again. Just not for some years' time. It'll pass by and you'll be with me again before you know it. But first, just go live your life!"

  I took a while before answering. Spending the minutes taking in the scenery while thinking. I realized where we were standing: in a tidier, better version of our kitchen. The smell of blueberry muffins was wafting through the air. I walked over to the counter and grabbed the biggest muffin there.

  After sinking my teeth into the most delicious muffin ever made, in my opinion, I said with a mouthful of food, "Could I stay the night...?"

          "Of course sweetie!"

  The two of us stayed up for hours, watching movies and talking until we fell asleep next to one another on the couch.

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