One Direction are vampires!

Emily is just your average teenage witch. Wait that's not average? Oops. Well she loves One Direction, they are pretty average, right? That's what Emily thought before she went to one of their concerts.......


1. The Concert

Character Descriptions

Emily: (witch) 18 brown hair, green eyes, tan loves: Louis, tacos, the color purple, and anything involving art.

Olivia: (Human) 18 dirty blonde hair, green eyes, tan loves:Harry,sushi,the color aqua, and fashion.

Louis is 19

Harry is 17

Niall is 17 

Liam is 17

and Zayn is 18 

I think we all know what they look like :)


"OMGESIES!!" I yelled at Olivia my BFFL (Best Friend For Life!) "I can't believe we won!" we had entered a contest on the radio and won front row seats and back stage passes to a one direction concert! "I know I'm so excited right now!" the concert is on Friday but it's only Wednesday so we have to wait. 

Time skip to Friday

I pulled out my iphone 4 and texted Olivia

To: Olivia

heyyy gurl the concert is at 6 meet me here at 5 ok?

 I looked at the time 4:03 then got a text


kk c ya there!

I smiled then I took a shower, straightened my hair, and got changed into

I hear a knocking on the door I opened it up and Olivia walked in wearing

"Are you as excited as I am?!" She squealed. "Yes!" I replied jumping up and down. It was about a 45 minute drive from here to the concert hall. We hopped in her car and started driving. When we got there it was 5:47 and super crowded. We took our seats in the front. The lights darkened and the music to little things came on. We were singing along to the song and I could have sworn I saw Louis wink at me! Pretty soon the concert was over and we were making our way backstage. I walked up to Louis and said "Hi!" Louis smiled "Hello love, whats your name?" "Emily" I replied. "Nice to meet you Emily." "Can I have a hug?" I asked holding my arms out "Sure thing love" we hugged and I met the other members of One Direction it was great. "hey Olivia meet me in the car I need to use the bathroom." she nodded and left. I walked down a hallway until I found the bathroom. As I was drying my hands I heard a blood-curdling scream. I opened the door and walked in the direction of the scream. a door was slightly open so I peaked in to see my favorite boyband crouched down beside a girl's lifeless form. They had blood all over their mouths. Vampires, how did I not see that coming. "I'm still hungry!" Niall whined "me too." Zayn said "Hey there was this really good smelling girl I think her name was Emily?" Harry said "She's probably still here." "Ok but don't kill her." Louis said. I stepped back and of course fell on my butt. I scrambled to my feet and started running until I bumped into someone it was Louis. "Where are you going Love?" and before I could even use my powers to kick their butts Louis sank his fangs into my neck and I blacked out.




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