One Direction are vampires!

Emily is just your average teenage witch. Wait that's not average? Oops. Well she loves One Direction, they are pretty average, right? That's what Emily thought before she went to one of their concerts.......


8. Teleporting cats

"MEETING. LIVING ROOM. NOW!" I shouted, I spent a lot of time thinking and I've decided to tell Harry, Zayn, and Niall about me being a witch. They all appeared in a flash. Seriously why do they keep doing that?!  "Ok so Louis and Liam already know my big deep dark dangerous secret." I began "I'm a witch!" I exclaimed throwing my hands up. "That explains the evil chickens and the possessed pillow." Niall said. Zayn and Harry were standing there looking shocked. "Whaaaaaa?" Harry said trying to process what I said. "" I said extra slowly so he would understand. "I can prove it too!" I said smiling. I summoned a cat and started to pet it like those creepy mad scientist dudes. "Um what are you doing?" Zayn asked. I rolled my eyes at him "I'm petting a cat evily, duh!" They all looked at me weirdly. I rolled my eyes again and tossed the cat into the air. With a meow it disappeared. Harry must have still had trouble processing the situation because he said "You have a teleporting cat?!" I was about to reply that no I don't have a teloporting cat when he interrupted screaming "I WANT ONE!" Everyone facepalmed at his Harry-ness. "You can not have a teleporting cat Harry, because made the cat disappear using my powers." I explained slowly. His face fell "Dang it." We all laughed. "WAIT A MINUTE!" I suddenly yelled out. Everyone stopped and looked at me waiting for the reason behind my sudden outburst. "Does my family and Olivia even know where the heck I am?!" I started to panic, yeah I could have gotten out of here easily but I didn't because I wanted to mess with these guys and i started having fun and now I'm in a relationship and OH MY NUTELLA! I'm dating a vampire! Why did I not think about this before now?! What will my parents think? I'm in a house full of vampires who just happen to be famous! Wait why have they not had any concerts lately? Why am I asking random questions to myself and not the boys?! I think I have a problem. Maybe it's from when my mom accidentally dropped me on my head when I was 2! Okay there goes my train of thought, my messed up crazy train of thought that is. I just realized that no one had answered my question.  "Well?!" I demanded. "We kind of just kidnapped you after we bit you and we couldn't stay in America because you were reported missing so yea." Harry explained sheepishly. "And what did you plan on doing with me?" I asked crossing my arms. "Well we were just going to drink your blood until we didn't need you then erase your memory and return you to your house." Liam said looking guilty. "But Louis took a liking to you so he told us that if we touched you we would die a slow painful death." Niall said smiling like getting death threats was the norm around here. "I have to go home soon to check up on Olivia, and pay the rent, and make sure she didn't burn down the apartment building. Oh no! how long have I been missing?!" I exclaimed. "About 2 months." Zayn said shrugging. "Crud! Well I gotta go now! I'll see you later!" I said and before they could protest I teleported home.


Okay my little marshmallows! I am incredibly sorry for not updating in like FOREVER but my creativeness is running out! If you have any ideas for the story just let me know and I might be able to fit them in! Also I have no idea what I was thinking when I was first writing this because all these questions should have been answered earlier but they weren't so I had to put them in before I got any farther in this crazy story that makes barely any sense.  I hope you like the story so far! Btw this is kind of a filler chapter. I promise it will be more exciting and you will have more Louis Emily relationshipness. I have not really been serious completely with this because my main goal was a funny story but I also would like it to be an adventure romance one as well so expect more in the nearby future! One last thing in this horribly long author's note, what should Louis and Emily's ship name be? Lemily? Elouis? I'm not very good at ship names if you couldn't already tell. Okay finally bye!

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