One Direction are vampires!

Emily is just your average teenage witch. Wait that's not average? Oops. Well she loves One Direction, they are pretty average, right? That's what Emily thought before she went to one of their concerts.......


5. Nutella Volcano

It had been a few days and nothing had really happened besides you know a nutella volcano explosion. So I was bored and put together a volcano and used my magic so it would spew nutella, weeeeellllllll it kinda went off right as Zayn walked into the kitchen. He ran out screaming about his hair being ruined. I think his hair is better now because it smells yummy! Anyway Niall still avoids me at all costs and Zayn sends me death glares. I'm a wonderful person! lol. I'm watching family guy and Louis is playing with my hair. "Umm I think I did something wrong." Louis said from behind me. "What do you mean?" I asked turning around. "You should just go look in the mirror." he said looking scared. I ran into the bathroom and when I saw my reflection I screamed. My hair was an absolute disaster! It was knotted everywhere! Louis told me he was going to braid it, If I was his braiding teacher he would get an F-! I quickly used my magic to get my hair back to normal, and stormed out of the bathroom. "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!" I screeched.  I scanned the room with my magic. Found him. I approached the door and opened the closet. Louis looked up "Sorry! I didn't mean to!" he said raising his arms in defense. "Get up." I said grabbing his arm and pulling him up. "Are you mad?" he asked nervously. I sighed "No I'm not angry Lou." "Yay!" he yelled wrapping his arms around me and kissing my cheek. "oops." he blushed letting me go. He wasn't the only one blushing. we kind of just looked at each other in awkward silence "CARROTS!" Louis yelled causing me to jump. "AHH!" I screamed He smirked  obviously happy he scared me.  "You want carrots huh?" I smirked "I'll give you carrots." I summoned about a hundred carrots they grew faces and arms and legs and started to attack him. "AHHHH!!" He screamed running away with the carrots chasing him. I was laughing so hard I thought I would pee myself. "Hey guys I heard screaming are you ok...... woah." I turned around to see a very shocked vampire named.......


Dun Dun Dun!!!! who caught them? aaahhhhh you must hate me lol. anyways sorry for not updating but I haven't had any creative ideas lately. I also apoligize for it being short.  see ya next chapter mah peeps!

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