One Direction are vampires!

Emily is just your average teenage witch. Wait that's not average? Oops. Well she loves One Direction, they are pretty average, right? That's what Emily thought before she went to one of their concerts.......


6. Distractions

I turned around to see a very shocked vampire named....... Liam. Louis stopped running and looked in between Liam and I. But I didn't stop the carrots so they crawled up his body and were biting him everywhere. "AHHH!" Louis screamed falling on the ground his arms waving about wildly. "You do realize that you can easily over power those carrots, right Lou?" I asked "And that they don't really hurt you." He stopped screaming and stood up, brushing the carrots off of himself. "I knew that." He said sheepishly. "Um mind telling me what's going on?" Liam asked. Oops he's still here. I made the carrots disappear. "Um it's not what it looks like?" I said. "Don't even try, I should have known you were a witch." Liam said crossing his arms. I sent a metal message to Louis 'we need to distract him' he nodded "Louis kiss me!" I grabbed his shirt collar and smashed our lips together. Louis' eyes were wide with shock, then he closed them and responded to the kiss. Cue the fireworks. "Uh I'll just go now." Liam said. I hear him leave but we didn't stop kissing. "Hey guys- Oh god PDA!" Harry screamed. We pulled apart blushing. I laughed awkwardly. "Zayn you owe me twenty bucks!" Harry yelled. Zayn appeared out of nowhere. "They actually kissed?!" Zayn asked wide eyed. "Yup" I said looking at Louis "And it went a little like this." I smashed our lips together again. I pulled away and looked at Louis, he had the biggest smile on his face. "Okay fine you win!" Zayn said giving Harry his twenty dollars. Harry smiled and skipped happily out of the room, Zayn followed rolling his eyes. "I wasn't exactly expecting that to be your distraction." Louis said still grinning. "It worked didn't it?" I said. He laughed, but his face soon went serious. He got down on one knee grabbing my hand. "Emily I don't know your middle name or your last name, will you be my girlfriend?" He asked. I smiled "It's Emily Lynn Cahill and yes of course I'll be your girlfriend!" I said hugging him. "Zayn you owe me another twenty bucks!" Harry shouted. I looked to my right and saw Harry standing there smirking. "Oh come on!" Zayn yelled back. I laughed, this kidnapping has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Awwww! Louis and Emily finally got together! Sorry for not updating! I have been working on my stories on Wattpad. I am going to try to remind myself to write and finish this story. I know that you hate it when I leave ya hangin, but I only have so many genius ideas! Anyways bye my little marshmallows! (get it cause peeps are marshmallows! hahaha, no? Okay)

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