One Direction are vampires!

Emily is just your average teenage witch. Wait that's not average? Oops. Well she loves One Direction, they are pretty average, right? That's what Emily thought before she went to one of their concerts.......


7. Befriending

"Got any eights?" I asked Louis. "Nope. Go fish." We were playing Go fish but we were also levitating about ten feet off the ground. I groaned and grabbed a card from the deck. "Got any fives?" Liam asked Louis. "Nope." he replied. Liam narrowed his eyes at him "You're lying, you have two fives!" "Now Liam, what have I told you about mind reading?" I asked crossing my arms, my cards hovered directly in front of me so I didn't have to hold them."That it's am unfair advantage and it's cheating." Liam mumbled. "Good boy!" I smiled. "Ugh this is getting boring!"Louis said throwing his cards, making them float around. I snapped my fingers and we stopped levitating. I landed cross legged on the couch cushions. Liam had landed on the coffee table and broke it, and Louis had somehow ended up on the carpet doing the splits. ouch, that had to hurt. Louis' face was twisted up in pain. "I think I need a different pair of trousers." He said in a higher voice than normal. He got up and wobbled to his room. He must have split his pants. "Why is it always the coffee table?" Liam muttered to himself. I'm guessing they broke coffee tables alot. You know I feel disgusting and I've been here for like a week and haven't showered or changed clothes. "Ewwww!" I said scrunching my nose up. I told Liam that I needed to shower. The warm water felt great and I summoned my favorite peach blossom shampoo. I stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed. I snapped my fingers and my hair was dry and straightened. Today I was feeling lazy so I didn't straighten it myself. I summoned a blue shirt with Problem? written in black lettering on it, black skinny jeans and black and white converse. I put them on and walked out of the bathroom. I went back into the living room. Liam had picked up all the cards and they were laying in a neat pile on the somewhat fixed coffee table. They had tried to fix it with duct tape. I mentally face palmed. I mean it was a decent idea, but they obviously had no idea what they were doing so it looked all messed up. They say duct tape can fix everything but magic is better. I put it back together the right way and merged the pieces together so they would support weight. I made the cards disappear and waited for someone to come back. Harry and Niall walked in chatting away and not even noticing I was there. "Hello!" I said smiling. "EEEEEP!" Niall screamed and jumped onto Harry, causing them both to fall over. I burst out laughing. Harry sent Niall a glare and shoved him off. "Niall she isn't going to hurt you!" Harry said helping him up. "You two won't leave this room until you have a civilized conversation!" Harry said running out and locking the door. "So what's up?" I asked Niall, sitting down an the couch. "U-uh just s-stuck in here ya know." About a half hour later we were laughing together and talking about how much we loved food. 

Yay! Niall and Emily are friends now! Ok so I'm trying to update more often. Bye my little marshmallows! 

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