Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


12. Nora P.O.V

Nora's P.O.V

Yea it kinda did. I said while looking down.

Good, you know just making sure I answered the question.

Don't worry you did. By the way. Grate answer.

Good question. He smiled then looked away, facing the movie.

We watched the movie. And in the middle of the movie my mom called.

Nor, where are you?

Mom, I'm still on the date.

I know that Nora, but where?

I'm at the park, why?

Just asking Nora. I want you home by 12.

Mom, is 11:48.

Exactly. Bye Nora

God, fine. bye.

What happened?

Nothing I have to be home by 12.

Oh, that's ok. We'll see each other tomorrow.

We will?

Yea, give me you're number and ill let you know what were going to do tomorrow.

Ok. I  said smiling.

I got his phone and dialed my number. We got up and stared to walk home. While we were walking, his phone started to ring.

Austin: Hey, man I've been trying to find you the entire day, what happened?

Alex: Aw man I'm sorry, I've just been really busy lately, with school, but thank god it's done. So what's up?

Austin: Well nothing much hey, dude why don't you call me in 5, its just I have--.

Alex:  A girl? yea I could tell, alright bro ill call. Bye.

This is me. I said

Oh that was quick. Anyways, I know were you live, so that means I could pick you up tomorrow.

Really? Well I guess you can. Anyways thanks, for the movie and ice cream.

Don't mention it. See you tomorrow?

Sure. Bye

Bye. He said while coming closer to me but leaving me hanging by giving me a kiss on the cheek.

And I walk away, letting him know that I didn't have a problem with that. But I did. He watch me until I got to the elevator. Right when I opened the door to my apartment, Austin called.

Just making sure you gave me the right number.

And why would I give you a fake number?

I don't know, there a lot of cruel people in this world.

I giggled. Bye Austin.


Hey mom.

Hey honey, that was quick.

Yea cause the park was down the block.

Oh ok. So how did you're date go?

It went perfectly fine. it went so fine, that tomorrow were going on another date.

Really? Where to?

Don't know yet, he said it was a surprise.

Aw how nice. So much for not wanting a boyfriend.

Oh god mom please. I never said he was going to be my boyfriend, he's just a friend.


While I was walking towards my room, the door bell rings. At first thought It was Austin. but no he doesn't even know in what floor I live.

Mom? I said while pointing at the door.

Can you get that for me honey?

No. What If it's that guy you meat today. I whispered

No! Just get it.

Ok but if it him, I'm slamming the door in his face.

I walked towards the door, and opened it. When I looked it was Eleanor.

Oh my god what are you doing here? I screamed

I'm spending the summer here with you!! She shouted

You're kidding!

Why would I?

Oh my god. Come, come in.

Nice place.

I know right. So you knew we were coming?

Yea you're mom told me before she told you, and she asked my mom if I could come for the summer, and my mom said yes. So that's why I'm here. By the way, how was you're date?.

How do you know about that? Mom?

Yea. Haha, how was it?

It was amazing. We went for ice cream and we saw a movie at the park!!

Aw that so sweet, and that's it?

Yea, and well....

Yea??? Mom said

Mom please this is girl talk.

And what am I?

C'mon  Eleanor, lets go to my room.

We got to my room, and I closed the door, and Eleanor sat down on my bed.

I like you're room.

Thanks mom gave me the big bedroom. She said it was the lest she could do.

Cool. So what else happened on the date.

Mm, nothing much.

C'mon Nor, we came to you're room for a reason.

Ok, ok, he kissed me.

Oh my god!! Are you serious? Wait who is this guy?



Yea Austin Mahone!

Wait. that Say Something kid?


You mean the famous Austin Mahone?

Yes Eli, the next Justin Bieber. Yes is that guy.

OH MY GOD NORAAAA. How come you didn't tell me?

As you can see I just got home. And I have a feeling like I'm not going to sleep tonight.

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