Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


7. Nora P.O.V

Nora's P.O.V

I was wearing gray sweat pants, a red shirt, a black jacket and I had these complete red nike's and a Miami Heat hat. I grab my phone and left hopping not to find my mom on the way out. When I got down, the darkness was taking  over the sky, and the streets  were all full of fan's. I tried to get a seat on the front row, and  I achieved  it. I wasn't really paying attention  to the stage, so it came to the point were everyone  was screaming  his  name. To be honest there weren't that many people. So when  I looked up at the  stage Austin was there. He's cutter than  I  thought. He was up there talking to his  fans and said:

Hey guy's, before  I get to the music, I want for some of my mahomies to ask me some questions.

And that's when  I noticed that Austin hade the same shoes as me. While other girls were asking him things like:

Will you go to prom with  me or like  will you be my first kiss. I was thinking about what  I should ask him.

Last questions ok guys... Ok lets see. Austin said while look throw the crowd.

When  I heard that all I did was get of my seat and say:

You're a poser!

Excuse me?

You heard me, you're a poser.

And why is that?

Cause of you're shoes.

He looks down and looks at me.

Okay? He said with confused eyes. Then I pointed to my shoes, and he started to laugh.

When did you get them.

A month ago. I  said. And you?

Yesterday! He said while smiling to the ground

He got closer to my side of the stage and said;

But do you know the difference about us having the same shoes?

What? I said seriously

They look way better on you then on me

Awwww, you hear all of the fan's saying.

And I did a little smirk and sat right back  down, and he winked at me.

Okay lady's lets get started.

He first sang Say Something in acoustic and then he performed Just A Friend and What About Love. We made a short break, but I stood where  I was because I still don't know anyone here. Austin got back and told everyone that this was the last song and its called Banga Banga. When he finish the song everyone did a line so Austin can take pictures with  them, I was in the middle of the line, and it moved pretty quickly, until someone  behind me tap  on my shoulder.

Hi, yes you're the girl who stood up and spoke right?

Yes I'm she.

Ok so let me get one thing strait with you. Because of you, I didn't get to ask Austin  nothing. He was looking at me before you stood up and insulted him in front of everyone because of some dumb shoe.

Well I'm sorry but there nothing  I could do, what's  done is  done. I said while walking towards Austin.


Hey. How are you?

I'm good, thanks for asking.

No problem, I just saw those girls giving you a hard time and..

No I'm good, used of those thing.

Did you like the show?

Loved it.

Really? What was you're favorite?

The part were I insulted you, yea that was the pretty cool.

Hahaha, yea that was pretty cool. Sorry I didn't get you're name.

Nora, Nora Morris.

Really? Nora, I've never heard of it. That's a really nice name.

Thanks appreciate it.

We took to pictures, one and his phone and one on mine.

Thanks for the picture Nora.

Uhm, you're welcome I guess. I said giggling

I walk away, but the woman that was handing out Austin's new C.D pulled me over to the side.

Hi, yes uhm wait here for a minute, ok ill be right back, the woman said with crazy eyes. I didn't know If I should ditch the lady, but I stood.

Ok.. hear you go. Its a signed C.D od Austin.

Okay? Thanks.

While I was walking home I decided to open the C.D cover and there was a letter in it. I stopped for a minute, and read the note.

>>>>>>>>>To You<<<<<<<<<<

               Hi Nora. I want this day to get better and in order for that to happen I need to be with you. I want to see you tonight at 9:00, in front of the ice cream shop.

                                                                                                      Hope you can make it.

                                                                                                               Austin <3




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