Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


6. Nora P.O.V.

Nora's P.O.V

Hey mom? I'm going down stairs to look around ok?

Why don't you wait for me?

Do I have to ?

No you're right, I still have lots of unpacking to do, so just go you.

Ok see you later.

Love you.

That was the last thing I heard before slamming the door behind me. I got down stairs and look both ways, to be honest I was kind of exited to be in L.A. I went to Forever 21 and when I came out I saw lots of people surrounded. At first I thought something had happened to someone, but then again I'm in L.A. this must happen all the time. I thought of going throw all of that craziness, but then I figured to go home. Then I heard this girls saying something about Austin Mahone. That new superstar kid, that became famous because of YouTube. Anyway apparently there throwing a welcoming party for him today, and he's going to sing a couple of his song's. I got home and told mom about it, I asked her if I could go to it. She said yea just for a couple of hours. I don't know at what time it was but it was 4:39 now so mines well take a bath and head out the door.

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