Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


1. Nora .P.O.V

Nora's P.O.V

Nora? Are you here? Mom asked.

Yea, I'm here, what's up? I said while entering the house.

Sit down sweetie.

Okay? what's going on? I asked

Honey guess what!


I got offered a new job and there offering more money then the job I have now! she said with excitement.

That's grate, good for you mom. I said while slowly getting up  from my seat.

The thing is...


Well the job... yea its in Los Angeles. she said slyly.

What? You're not taking right?


Mom you can't we have a life over here, we can just pack our thing and leave, we have a house, I have school, Ashley... she has a job and she's gong to get married soon, mom we can't.

But it's already to late honey, I just excepted it. We have to be there by June 3.

Mom no, I finish the 22.

I don't expect for you to understand sweetie, but were going.

No mom. I demanded

That's it Nora. Like I said I don't expect you to understand but my mind is set. There paying for our ticket, were leaving June 1.

But I thought we hade to be there by the 3?



Its going to okay honey, everything is going to be fine. You can make new friends and maybe you can get a boyfriend.

I don't want new friends and I sure as hell don't want a boyfriend.

Come on drama queen, its Los Angeles, its going to be cool. She said with excitement.

The fact that you just said its going to be cool, just made it less interesting mom.

Go, go upstairs and start packing you're stuff.

I took a deep breath and left.

Moment's Later

That's no fair Nor ! My best friend Eleanor said. Why are you leaving me here... alone... with these  people... I'll never survive without you ahhhhh.....

I'm serious Eli, I'm not kidding I really don't want to go.

Nora, it's not that bad, I mean is Los Angeles. You'll be fine.

Who side are you on Eleanor? I said almost yelling at the phone.

Yours, yours, but I'm just saying, it could be worst.

Yea your probably right, but I'm going to have to spend the entire summer alone. I don't know anyone there.

You'll meat new people don't worry. She said

Anyways I'm leaving in a week, so I'm going to have to hang up. Ok? See you later? I asked

Yep, love ya.

Love ya to.


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