Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


10. Austin P.O.V

Hey! Wow you look amazing.

Thanks. I like you're tiger print sweater. It's creative. She said while laughing.

Thanks. Wanna go in?

Sure, that's a good idea.

Hope the letter wasn't to cheese, I thought of it at last minute.

You mean you did the letter when you were done with the show?

Yea, then I kind of told my mom  to give it to you on you're way out.

You told you're mom? That's sweet. And no, its not cheese, thank you.

You're very welcome. So tell me about you're self. I said while looking at al of the option they had of ice creams.

Well, for starter, my favorite ice cream is Cookies & Cream.

Really? Cool, mines to.

Yea, uhm, favorite animal is the elephant.

I can tell, you're shirt say it all.

She started to laugh and told the lady she would  have Cookies & Cream. Me to please.

And let me guess, you're favorite color is red.

That's creepy, how did you know?

I could tell by earlier. And the shoe's.

She started to blush. I didn't mean to make her blush, but I guess she really like me.

We got our ice creams and sat down.

Uhm, favorite singer, Demi Lovato, but favorite song is Doing it wrong and Shot for me by Drake. Yours?

Nice taste in music. I like it ! Well Drake is my favorite artist, but my favorite song is Don't judge me by Chris Brown.

Love it that song. She said.

Anyways uhm, I don't know, what else do you want to know about me?

How old are you?

How old do I look?

Mm, 18.

Wrong. You're bad at guessing. I'm 16.

You're kidding.

Why would I? No really I'm 16. My birthday is April 6 1997.

Cool, mines on April 4, 1996.

That is awesome.

I know, ok, I got one. What is you're guilty pleasure?

One Direction. I like there song's but I'm not a fan.

Good one. Case you were wondering, I don't have one.

Oh ok.

Yea, uhm, do you live with both you're mom and dad?

No. just my mom, my dad died 2 years ago.

Wow, I'm so sorry, hope it doesn't bother for me to ask, how?

No it doesn't bother me, you want to get to know me right. So he died when I was 14 over an overdose. Uhm, I remember it was in the summer, and he had told me that he was going to the park to walk around, and asked me if I would like to come. I told him of course I would go with him, I took a shower and got dressed. I called him when I was done, but he wouldn't answer, I decided to go to my parents bedroom to see if he was there. And he was, but laying down on  the floor. I call the 911 and they took him to the hospital. When my mom got to the hospital, right away they pushed her aside and told her that he had passed away. I on the other hand knew he was gone, but I didn't know why. They told my mom, and well she told me. I never thought that he would die because of drugs, but he did. That's why I'm here. To take things outta mind.

Oh my god, Nora I'm so sorry. But to be on the same page, my dad passed away when I was 2, well suicidal. Never knew why though. I'm sorry I had to make you tell that story.

No its fine, I'm over it.   



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