Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


8. Austin P.O.V.

Austin P.O.V

I hope she come's Dave. Seriously, she's amazing, I've never seen someone so confident while insulting me.

And that's the reason you fell for her huh? Dave asked while laughing.

Its not just that Dave, she's, dude I don't even know how to explain it. It's like she has me all worked up inside. I just couldn't stop looking at her while I was singing, but at the same time I wanted to look at all of my fans but it like I couldn't. She like everything I was looking for.

Ho do you know?

Cause, I'm not looking no more.

That's deep dude.

Haha, I know, anyways, I'm going to take a shower. I don't want to be late.

Alright, hey do you want me to go?

Nah dude, this is like a date. And with my body guard? That's weird.

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