Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


5. Austin P.O.V.

Austin P.O.V

Okay so when we get out of the car, go strait up stairs, if there's fan's calling you or stopping you,  you know what to do. Just stay calm ill be right there next to you. Now if you don't want to take pic with fan's just let me know now.

Nah, man I'm good, ill always take pictures with fan's. Dude like that's crazy, but I'm excited about it though. How much people you think is going to be there?

I don't know, a lot, why?

Nah man just asking, at what time does that start?

Around 5:30pm.

Alright, cool, gives me time to get ready.

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