Say Hello To Goodbye

It's actually a funny story. The way we met. Its really cute, we actually met in one of his...
We'll, don't spoil it all. Austin told me. Let there be some sort of surprise for Ellen.
Okay, okay, I said. So this is what happened....


20. Alex P.O.V

After me Austin left Nora's place we walked back to the hotel.

So what do you think about Eleanor? Austin ask with a smile in his face.

She awesome. like she's really fun to hang out with. And she was totally her self. You know some girls pretend to be one thing at first then turns to be another.


So, I could tell she was her self. You think she like's me?

If she was herself with you then I don't see why not.

So what about you huh? You and Nora are a thing now? Did you tell her about the Music Awards?

Yea I told her about it, but she didn't want to go at first, because she thought you'd be mad a me for not taking you.

No but I told you to take her.

That what I told her. And she got really nervous. She was like "oh what if they ask me if I'm you're girlfriend"? And I said "well you tell them that you are". And she was like "No I'm not" And I like literally froze. And you know I kinda faked a smile and said "oh you're not"? And she was like "no". Dude like I didn't even know what to tell her. I was shocked.

And what happened? I asked

Well she told me, want to know why I'm not? And I was like hell yea, not literally you know but inside of me I was like that. And she was like because you need to ask me. Right there I felt a relief you know cause I thought she did want to be my girlfriend. So like right there I played it cool and was like "No you're right you should be asked. And that's when she came out of the room.

She didn't like give you a kiss on the way out?

Nope. She left me hanging, like seriously, she got closer to me and all we did was touch noses and she left.

Man... but I saw you give her a kiss before we left.

Yea, and before you and Eleanor came in, we kinda made out.

So all that time you were "cleaning" you weren't really cleaning?

Nope, her house was spotless.

High five bro.

So how about you? Did you, you know make a move on Eleanor?

Man I did but, she moved her head back all the time. Like  she knew what I was going for it , but I guess she didn't want it. You think I tried to soon?

Nah man I kissed Nora on our first date.


Yea, she had asked me that if I really like the girl, would I kiss her on the first date. And I didn't answer her, and well she probably thought at first if I ignored her, but like after 2 minutes she was going to say something and I went for it.

And what she do?

Nothing I asked her if that had answer her question, and she smiled and said yea.

You're lucky. Nora seems like a really good person. She's very sweet.

You really think so?

Hell yea man and brave, doing a tattoo behind her mom's back geez, I wish I had that kind of nerves.

Yea, she's going to tell her mom, she told me that she was going to tell her the reason why she had made that decision on getting tattoo's. She said her mom is understanding  at time's so.

And why was it that she did it?

It was basically a symbol of her and her dad. Its two birds flying around the tree. Because her dad died 2 years ago because of an overdoes and well his favorite animal was the bird.

Wow. So basically she did the tattoo's for him.?

Yea dude, to be honest when she said that I felt like crying because I could some how feel the same why she was feeling you know. But she didn't notice cause she was facing Jason while I was holding her hand on the other side.


Yea his the guy that did her tattoo's.

Oh ok. Hey look where here already.

But anyways dude to be honest I think you should keep this girl for a long time, because I some how see that you two really need each other. You know  I see her being that kinda person were you tell em "you feel me?" and she like yea I actually do. Its just you  guys have a lot in common when it comes to the way you guys think, to the way you guys feel. And another thing is that I've seen you more happy lately. And that's good for you.

Really man? Thanks bro you know that really means a lot.

Hey I have a feeling you're mom will like her. I said while getting in the elevator and while Austin laughing. 



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