LA - Where dreams are made of

Ally is a regular Small Town Girl who is tired of her miserable life in Sweden. She just caught her boyfriend cheating and alll she can think about is heartbreak and sadness. Her best friend Sara is about to go to Study Abroad in Los Angeles and Ally takes the opportunity to go with her. 2 Bestfriends in the city of dreams, But LA isn't only about sunshines and rainbows.Things change, Sara and Ally fights and Ally meets someone who changes her life. But in the end of the Study Abrad she realize she can't leave LA, and she can't leave HIM.


1. I'm Ready


-Ally's P.O.V-


- Did he actually said that before he hang up? Sara asked.
- Yes, he did. But now I know that I won't ever talk with him again. I said.
- Promise? Pinky Promise! Sara said and grabbed my hand and crossed her finger over mine. We held them high up in the air but just a few seconds later we started laughing about how funny it looked like. We laughed all the way home... Till  we saw who was standing on the doorsteps, Eric. 

- What are you doing here? Sara screamed and dropped my hand. 
- Ally, look, Im really really sorry. I was drunk, I didn't mean what I did that night. Im so sorry. He looked at me but I saw deep inside he was lying. I just stand there all queit while Sara was screaming and tried to push him away.
Eric started to go his way. He turned around and looked after me. I couldn't look into his eyes so I closed the door quick after me.

- Ally, stop think about him! He's an ansshole. Sara looked at me with that stupid smile and I couldn't help laughing at her. 
- Haha okay... When does our plane leave tomorrow? I asked.
- Me and dad will pick you up at 6, but the plane leaves Sweden around 8 o'clock i think.
- Do we have time for shopping? I said and pushed her a little bit.
- ''Do we have time for shopping'' Of COURSE WE HAVE TIME FOR SHOPPING! Sara screamed. I couldn't stop laughing because imagine spending time witht his idiot? She's so funny, and stupid. I just love her. 

After Sara went home I started to pack down the last clothes in my suitcase. I looked at the photograph of me and Eric. When Im leaving Sweden for 8 weeks in LA, I have to forget about him. I grabbed the frame and pulled out the photo of us. After a long time of watching the photo, I ripped it apart. 2 Pieces, 4 Pieces, 6 Pieces. 8 Pieces.  After I had ripped it in 10 pieces I throw it in the 
rubbish bin. It felt good. Now when Eric is out of my life, the biggest problems I'll have to worry about now is which shirt I'm going to pick in the morning. I know that the best thing was to let Eric go, but even though that I was still hurting. How could he make out with that slut infront of me?

I brushed my teeth and washed my face. After I was done in the bathroom, I went back into my room and changed to my pajama. I went to bed and closed my eyes.
LA here I come.

'' If I could take away the pain, and put a smile on your face, Baby I would, Baby I would 
If I could make a better way so you could see a better day, Baby I would, Baby I would. 
I would... ''

My beautiful ringtone of Justin Bieber woke me up that morning. It was Ellen, she just wanted to make sure I was about to go up early.
After her call I grabbed my clothes and a towel and went to the bathroom. I grabbed a shower and started to think about the day. Couldn't still believe I was going to Los Angeles in a few hours!

When the clock turned 5.30 I took my suitcase and walked down stairs. Mum had made me breakfast, egg and bacon. We only eat that kind of breakfast on special days or when we stay at hotels.
- Now when you are going to America, I'm sure you will eat this everyday! She said and laughed.
- Haha yep, Thanks mum. I said.
I ate my breakfast and drink a glass of milk. I started to walk into the livingroom when I felt someone hugging me from behind. It was my little brother Nolan. 

- Hi Nolan! Why are you up so early? I said and lift him up.
- I, I, I didn't want you to leave before I was awake. I wanted you to say goodbye to you before you leave. He said with his adorable face.
- Aww Nolan, I'd never forget to say goodbye to you! I said and kissed his check. 
I took my phone and opened the camera.
- Say cheese Nolan! I said and pressed the camera button. 
- Use it as wallpaper, I don't want you to forget about me! Nolan said.
-  Nolan! I'm going to be gone for 8 weeks, I'll never forget you haha. I said and started laughing. He was just too adorable. 
I heard mum shout from the hall, I said goodbye to Nolan and walked out. I gave my mum a big hug and behind her I saw my dad coming closer. He gave me a hug and told me to be careful. I promised him to call at least 3 times in a week. I grabbed my stuff and opened the door. When I came out I saw Sara's dad's car . Her dad came out of the car and helped me with my suitcase. I jumped in the car and sat down next to Sara. 

When we arrived to the airport Sara's dad helped us with the bags, and when he was done he gave us a hug and then drove his car home. Me and Sara began to check the diffrent shops but we stopt a extra long time at the Victoria's Secret store. Sara wanted me to buy hundreds of new panties and bras, she laughed and told me that she thinks the ones I had brought with me looked too childish for LA. I agreed with her and we both bought underwear for 2 months! 
- Hahaha, What am I going to do with the ones in my suitcase later? I asked and laughed.
- Throw them away! Ally you can't come to LA with your pink cinderella panties. TRUST ME!

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