LA - Where dreams are made of

Ally is a regular Small Town Girl who is tired of her miserable life in Sweden. She just caught her boyfriend cheating and alll she can think about is heartbreak and sadness. Her best friend Sara is about to go to Study Abroad in Los Angeles and Ally takes the opportunity to go with her. 2 Bestfriends in the city of dreams, But LA isn't only about sunshines and rainbows.Things change, Sara and Ally fights and Ally meets someone who changes her life. But in the end of the Study Abrad she realize she can't leave LA, and she can't leave HIM.


3. Hold Tight

I looked around and saw 2 paparazzis search through the store. The boy was staring at them  and he was hoping that they would leave the store as soon as possible. I looked really closely at him and tried to see through his big hoodie. He turned around and looked me into my eyes. When he did that I recognized him. I was about to open my mounth but his hand stopped me. 
- I know, I know, Im Justin Bieber. Please be quite.He whispered.
I nodded my head and he started to smile. I could hear a soft ''thank you'' before we both turned around and saw the paparazzis leave the store.

I could hear him breathing out. 
- Please don't tell anyone about this? You will get hate and stupid rumors will spread, I don't want that.  He said.
- I promise. I said and smiled.
He looked at me and I looked right into his beautiful eyes. We stopped for some seconds and just looked at each other. He took of his hood and I could see his perfect face.  I saw how he looked at my lips, and I looked down on his. He stroked my cheek and moved a little bit closer to me...
- ALLY? Where the f*ck is she? I heard Sam shout.
Justin moved away and put his hood on again. 
- Your friends? He whispered. I nodded my head, I was out of words. He smiled and then walked away.

I turned around and walked out of the corner where I and Justin had been hiding. I saw  Sam and Caroline and walked to them. They asked where I've been and I told them it was really hard to choose bread... They followed me and we all choosed bread together. We walked to the fruti disk and gave it to Sara. She went and payed for the food we bought and me, Caroline and Sam waited outside. When Sara came out we started to walk to our bus. When we stood all together and was waiting on the bus, Sam came up with an idea. She ran away and 15 minutes later she came back with 3 bags. Full of alcohol. She suggested to have  a party, it was a Friday night so why not? 

We decided to drink some beers and later go over to a house down the street. After my 2nd beer I finally felt my deep pain go away. The pain I started to feel when I saw Eric with another girl. All I could think about now was Justin. He was so sweet and nice to me, even if we didn't  talk for a long time. When he stroke my cheek and looked in my eyes, something happend with me. I don't know if I was in love with Justin. But he's famous and we could never be together.

Caroline grabbed my arm and we all walked together to the party. When we came into the door we saw it was a high school party. The house was full of jocks. I saw Sara talking to some boys and I started to get bored, maybe I wasn't the kind of party girl but i didn't want my friends to leave the party because of me. Finally I found where the ''DJ'' were playing his music. I started to talking to the boy and he was really nice. His name was Matt and I asked if he could switch song to one of Justin's songs. I still couldn't stop thinking about him. I ran away to Sara and we both started to sing the lyrics to Heartbreaker. Caroline and Sam soon started to sing too. I wanted to tell them so badly about who I met earlier. 
- Speaking of Justin, guess who I met earlier today. I said. 
Everyone turned their heads around and looked at me. I felt dizzy and sick.
- WHO DID YOU MET?! Sara shouted. 
- That's why you took so long to choose bread? Caroline asked.
It took a few seconds before I realized what I was doing. I couldn't disappoint justin. I promised him. I did not know what to do.
- Hello? Ally? Are you too drunk to tell? Sam said and laughed. 
Sam was such a bitch, she was a typical stupid fake friend. 
- No. On the supermarket I met Justin....


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