LA - Where dreams are made of

Ally is a regular Small Town Girl who is tired of her miserable life in Sweden. She just caught her boyfriend cheating and alll she can think about is heartbreak and sadness. Her best friend Sara is about to go to Study Abroad in Los Angeles and Ally takes the opportunity to go with her. 2 Bestfriends in the city of dreams, But LA isn't only about sunshines and rainbows.Things change, Sara and Ally fights and Ally meets someone who changes her life. But in the end of the Study Abrad she realize she can't leave LA, and she can't leave HIM.


2. Across the ocean, across the sea

 ''In about 4 minutes we arrive in Los Angeles, California''
- Ally, Ally! Wake up! 
I was awakened by Sara throwing her purse on my arm. 
- Idiot. I said and smiled at her. I looked out the window and saw a little piece of LA. It was sunny outside and soon I could see the Hollywood Sign. Wow. I put my glasses on and so did Sara. After the cabin crew told us it was okay to leave our seats, we took our things and and went off the plane. The sun was really hot in LA, I felt the warm air blowing past on my bare arms. I smelled exhaust and some kind of smell of fashion.
The airport in Los Angeles was really big. It was full of people and stressed families. Me and Sara was at first a little bit scared and shy. First we couldn't find our bags, and after that we couldn't find our teachers. It was a nightmare in the middle of the most perfect place on earth. Fortunately we finally found both our bags and our teachers. When we were walking through the stressful airport Sara saw someone recognized. She whispered in my ear and  I looked into the direction she pointed in. 15 feets from us, we saw our first celebrity on our trip, Kylie Jenner! She has been my favorite fashion inspiration since I was a little kid, It was so cool to see her in real person. I was about to go and ask for a photo when the teacher grabbed my arm.

- I know you want to meet famous people here, but we doesn't have time for that now. We're going to miss the bus if everyone would go and say hi to every celebrity we're about to see.
Ugh, I smiled and nodded my head. Sara heard what the teacher said and looked at me with a sadface. 

When we came to our resort me and Sara found out that we aren't going to share room with each other. Sara was really disappointed but I wasn't. It's fun to meet new people and maybe I could make friends for life here. Sara hugged me goodbye and I promised to meet her at the pool at 7. I took my suitcase and walked to my room. When I came to the door I saw someone else had already opened it. 
- Hello? I said
- Hi! My name is Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. How are you?! The girl said.
- Im Ally! Nice to meet you Sam! I said and gave her a hug.
Sam got long dark hair and a really pretty smile. She told me she was from Spain and I told her I was going to study more spanish and she also offered me help. 

After a long conversation with lot of laughs with Sam I began to pack up my clothes. I put my shorts and skirts in the drawers and hang up my dresses in the wardrobe. I gathered up my panties and threw them in the rubbish bin. The old ones of course. Felt good to left that little problem behind me. I changed clothes and then I went to the pool for met up Sara. I told Sara everything about my new roommate and she told me about hers. She was dealing room with a Brittish girl named Caroline. I got a little bit jealous because I love the Brittish accent. When we were sitting by the pool both Caroline and Sam came by. We stopt talking for some minutes and Caroline seemed really nice. At 8 it was time for dinner with the whole class. Both me and Sara looked out for some cute boys, but I didn't like any of them. But Sara otherwise... She looked really into one of them. After dinner we all were so tired and went back to our rooms. Me and Sam got to know each other even more before we went to bed. We were talking about families and friends and I showed her a picture of my little brother Nolan. After we were done talking quickly I felt asleep.

The next morning we had a day off which means no lessons. Me and Sara decided to go to the city and we took Sam and Caroline with us. But first we ate a wonderful breakfast with egg and bacon, just the way I wanted it. After we were done eating we went to our rooms and got dressed. I put some makeup on incase i would see some cute boys. When we all were done we took the bus to the city. Los Angeles is such a beautiful city with a perfect weather. We started shopping and we tried all kind of clothes on. Different styles in different stores. We had so much fun we forgot the time.

The next time we were checking the clock we realized we had missed the lunch. We decided to buy fruits and bread to make a fruitsalad when we came home. We came to a ordinary supermarket, it was little but they had some more stuff than only food. We split up and I started to look for something to drink for the lunch. When I came around the corner I crashed into someone. I looked up and saw a boy with a hoodie over his face. He took my hand and pulled me close to him.

" shhhh " he whispered.

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