One direction text messages 

One direction text message imagines. i take requests ;)


1. Harry being overprotective. <3

Harry: Hi there (y/n). :*

You: Hi Harry. what's up?

Harry: Why no smileys, are u sad babe? <3

You: hmm.. well, to be honest..

Harry: Babe! tell me! <3

You: Harry, it isn't that big of a deal.. 

Harry: Is it your ex? is he bothering u again? I swear, if he's hurting u i'll go beat him up! 

You: well.. 

Harry: what's he doing (y/n)?! <3

You: Harry please don't do anything stupid, i don't care about him. I only care about u <3

Harry: I love u, u know that right? and don't you ever forget it (; <333




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