Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


24. "Yea Maybe."

Addison POV

I sighed and looked up, I share a room with Harry now. And I never agreed to it. Well kinda. I looked over at Harry across the room and saw him sleeping. I sighed and got up before I walked over to my dresser, "Hey lovely." Harry put his hands on my waist, "You can move your hands now." I turned around and smiled, "Why would I move? I'm in the perfect position." He kissed me, "I have to ask you and I won't stop for anything." I looked back at him through the mirror, "Will you be my girlfriend?" I thought about it for a minute, "Um, this is awkward, but um, no. Sorry Harry." His eyes softened, "Why not?" I turned around, "We have a relationship based on sex, yes we've had sweet moments, but other than that, it's all about sex." He shrugged, "Yea? So?" I shrugged, "I don't want that kind of relationship." I grabbed a sweater and jeans, "I'm really sorry Harry." I walked away and got dressed for the day ahead of me.

Harry POV

"She won't date me because of our sex-based relationship." Louis and Angel shrugged, "It makes sense, some girls don't want that type of relationship." I sighed, "But I don't want her for sex." Louis laughed, "Gosh something that's never been said by Harry." I groaned and stormed away, "Wait come back. We don't know what advice to give you, but don't give up." I laughed, "You guys are great at your job. Keep up the great work." I remarked sarcastically and walked away.

Addison POV

"He's a man whore, he'd break up with me within a week." Angel smiled, "Then don't fall for him." I laughed, "Too late for that." She giggled, "You like Harry?" I nodded, "But I don't want him to know that. And everything would be really awkward if we broke up." She laughes, "But what if it worked out? You could get married and have kids." I shook my head, "I don't believe in that. Everything ends." She shrugged, "Well think about it, you'll come around." She walked away and I put on my boots, "Yea maybe."

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