Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


12. "Where do you wanna go first?"

I woke up and got dressed, Liam is my boyfriend. I smiled at the thought, "Hey." I turned around, "Harry get out." He looked at me, and Liam sleeping on the bed, "He isn't who you think he is. He's been lying to you this whole time." I shook my head, "Your just jealous." He laughed, "Yea I'm jealous. I've liked you this whole time, I've actually been trying and him, well he hasn't tried." I laughed, "Well stop trying so hard. Maybe that's where your going wrong." He shrugged, "Maybe I am." He walked out and I grabbed a pair of jeans and button up shirt. I changed quickly and curled my hair. I grabbed a few bracelets and added them to my wrist. I smiled at my reflection, make up. I grabbed a light brown eyeshadow and mascara and added it carefully. I bit my lip, I looked attractive. "Morning." I looked over at Liam, who was now getting up, "Morning." I grabbed a pair of brown combat boots and shoved them on, "Where are you going?" I laughed, "It's Saturday, I'm hungry, and I'm meeting Ashton at Starbucks." He looked back, "Who's Ashton?" I stood up, "Just a friend from Australia. No more like a brother. Yea, brothers the perfect word." He nodded, "Okay, well I'm gonna be with Louis at McDonald's." I nodded, "Okay. See ya later." I kissed his cheek and grabbed my bag and wallet. "Phone." I laughed, "Almost forgot. Thanks." I walked downstairs and Harry laughed, "Somebody looks attractive today." I smiled, "Thanks. I'm meeting a friend. Catch ya later." I grabbed my jacket off the counter, "That's my jacket." I turned around, "Sorry Harry. Thought it was mine." I looked around and I couldn't find it. I turned around and saw Harry walk towards me with a jacket, "Is that mine?" He laughed, "No, it's mine. Just wear it. Go meet your friend. See ya later." I put it on, "Thanks. Bye." I closed the door behind me and ran down the stairs, "Wait Addison." I turned around, "What?" Harry laughed, "Forgot your phone." I checked my back pocket, must've fell out. "Thanks." I grabbed it and shoved it in his jacket, "See ya, for what I hope is the last time."


"Ashton." He turned around, "Addison." He picked me up and twirled me around, "Have you been working out?" He laughed, "Just a little, how about you, you look fit." I smiled, "Thanks, anyway let's get some hot chocolate." Calum came out with a few drinks, "I thought it was just Ashton and I?" Ashton looked at me, "Wait for it." Luke and Micheal followed him and Luke smiled, "Addison." He hugged me, "Oh my goodness, you look British." I giggled, "I don't know if that's an insult, so let's just say it was a compliment." I looked Michael and hugged him, "I like your hair. Very reverse skunk." We both laughed, "We've missed you." I looked at Calum ad hugged him, "I miss you." He smiled, "I miss you too. Now, what's going on at the school?" I shrugged, "Weird housemates. Like really weird." Ashton laughed, "Weirder than Luke?" I laughed, "Not that weird." I looked at Luke who kept smiling at me, "And there's this roommate, Angel. She's showing me the ropes." Calum laughed, "You sound like your having fun." I sat back, "I'm not by any means. School is terrible. Everybody in my house has a crush on me, and Harry. Don't even get me started." Calum shrugged, "Who's jacket are you wearing?" I looked at my jacket, "Harry's. He's sweet and then he's crazy." Calum looked down, "Is he your boyfriend?" I shook my head, "No way. He's crazy." Ashton laughed, "Do you have a boyfriend?" I shook my head, if Calum wasn't here, I'd spill about Liam. But, Calums here so that's out of the question. "No, I don't like anybody at the school really." Calum looked up, "None of them compare to me?" I laughed, "Yea, something like that." I looked down at my hot chocolate, "Maybe we could spend the day together. All of us. Like old times." I smiled, "Sounds like a plan. I'll call Angel, tell her I'll be out for the day." I grabbed my phone and dialed her number, "Hello?" I shrugged, "Angel, I'm not gonna be there for the day. I'm hanging out with some friends from Aussie." She groaned, "Okay, what am I supposed to do about Liam?" I shrugged, "Tell him I won't be there. We can't do our project if I'm not there." I heard Liam and she laughed, "He said he'd wait." I laughed, "He's gonna be waiting for a long time. Tell him to go back to his house, hang with his friends or something." Angel laughed, "Okay, see ya around ten." I shrugged, "Fine by me. See ya." I hung up and looked at the boys, "Where do you wanna go first?" 

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