Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


15. "We're done."

When I got home Liam was waiting in our house, "Um hey." He crossed his arms, "Are you ashamed of me or something?" I shook my head, "No, Liam-" He cut me off, "You didn't tell them I was your boyfriend, why?" I sighed, "Calum was here." He shrugged, "So? I'm your boyfriend." I rolled my eyes, "Why are you getting an attitude with me? I don't want him knowing okay? He was upset when he found out I was wearing Harry's jacket. Imagine how he'd feel if he found out you were my boyfriend." Liam widened his eyes, "You were wearing Harry's jacket?" I nodded, "Yea, I couldn't find mine, so he let me wear his." Liam groaned, "Ask me for a jacket next time. Harry's not your boyfriend, I am." I shrugged, "So what, it's a fucking jacket Liam, get over it." He shook his head, "No, it's starts out as a jacket." I laughed, "So you think I'm a slut now?" He shook his head, "I never said that." I shrugged, "That's what it sounds like to me." He pushed past me and walked out, "I heard." I saw Niall walking down the stairs, "I know he's mad, but he doesn't have a right to be. He doesn't know Calum like I do." He nodded, "I know, and I want you to know, I never raped Ryan. She's just in a different room because Harry paid her to." I shrugged, "I don't care anymore. You could fuck the world and I don't think I'd care." Niall nodded, "Okay, how about a hug? You could really use one." He hugged me and it felt kind, and warm. Like all my problems just melted away. I smiled, "Thanks." He nodded, "No problem. Now, tell me, what's going on with Liam?" I shrugged, "He's mad because I said he was my Biology Partner and not boyfriend, if Calum wasn't there, everything would've been spilled, and then he's yelling at me for wearing Harry's jacket, I only wore it because I couldn't find mine and Harry let me. I don't think he has a reason to be mad." Niall patted my knee, "Just let him calm down." I nodded, "Okay, um I better get to sleep. Tomorrow the boys and I are gonna be rolling through the streets." He laughed, "What about school?" I shrugged, "I'm not gonna be there until Wednesday." He nodded, "Okay."


I woke up the next morning and ran downstairs when I saw Liam in the kitchen, "Hey." He looked up and walked into the livingroom, "Your still mad at me?" He nodded, "Yea, you wore Harry's jacket, lied to Calum about me being your boyfriend, and I saw you kiss that blonde kid's cheek." I sighed, "His name is Luke, and British guys are really pissing me off." He smiled, "Then leave." I shrugged, "Okay, I'll go back with Calum, Luke, Michael, and Ashton. The guys that I love." He turned around, "You love them?" I laughed, "Yea, they're the best thing that ever happened to me." I was trying to piss him off, and it was working. "The best thing that ever happened to you?" I nodded, "Yea." He turned around and kissed me, "Morning." I looked at Harry, "Hey." Liam got up and walked towards the door, "If you love them so much, then date Calum again. We're done." He slammed the door behind him and I groaned, "Fine, bye." I turned around and Harry laughed, "Well that made my morning, what's his deal?" I sighed, "He's mad because I wore your jacket, lied to Calum about Liam being my boyfriend, and kissing Luke on the cheek." Harry laughed, "Liam's pretty possessive when he has a girlfriend." I glared at him, "You couldn't have told me that before I dated the nutjob!!" He laughed, "Sorry, juice?" He handed me a cup, "Thanks." I put it down, "I better get ready, Luke's gonna be here in a bit to pick me up." He smiled, "Can I drink your juice?" I laughed, "Sure."

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