Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


2. Showers

I walked downstairs the next morning and saw the three boys and three random girls on the couches, "It's disgusting isn't it?" I nodded, "This is every day?" Angel nodded, "Yep. I've gotten used to it." I grabbed a bowl and poured some cereal in it, "How was your first night?" I smiled, "Good. My door was still locked this morning, I still had all my clothes on, and my hair was still in a ponytail, so yea." She giggled, "Well that's good. But trust me, it won't last for long." I saw Harry get up, "What the hell?" laughed, "Do we have milk?" Angel shrugged, "Maybe, if they hadn't used it for their sex." She looked at Harry, "We didn't." She opened the fridge and handed me some milk, "Thanks. Hey, can you go down with me so I can get my schedule?" She smiled, "Sure." I ate my breakfast with uncomfortable stare from Harry, "Harry, go get a shower or something. Leave her alone." I laughed, "Thanks." She shrugged, "It's fine." He walked away and his girl woke up, "harry said he was done with you and he'd wish you'd leave." I looked at Angel, "Harsh don't ya think?" She shook her head, "If you think that was harsh, you should see what the boys do." Louis and his girl woke up, "Watch." He looked at her, "What the hell are you doing in here? Your fucking hidious get out of here." I looked at Angel, "On second thought you let her down easy." She nodded, "Hey Addison." I shrugged, "Hey." Louis fixed his hair and got up, "I'm gonna take a shower." Angel laughed, "Harry's already in there." I looked at her, "Why does my room have a shower then?" She smiled, "Because, the prettiest gets that room." Louis looked at me, "Can I use your shower?" I shook my head, "I'm about to get in." He smiled, "To save time and water, we could shower together." I smiled, "Good idea, you should shower with Harry, your a genius." I walked past him, "That was a joke right?" I laughed, "Of course, and to answer your question, no you can't. Sorry." I ran upstairs and locked my bedroom door, "Remember I picks locks." I grabbed a black jumper with a skull on it and some grey skinny jeans before I headed to the bathroom, "I'm gonna see ya naked anyway. Might as well be now." I laughed, "Nice try Louis. Isn't happening." I locked the bathroom door which he couldn't pick, because there was no key hole on the outside, "I'm in." I started the water, "Well I'm in the bathroom. Your too late." He laughed, "I'm going through your drawers." I ignored him and got in the shower and got my hair wet, "Ooh, this'll get me cred." I laughed and washed my hair, "Maybe this." I washed my body and conditioned my hair before I got out, "Can I have these?" I got changed and dried my hair before I got out, "You have no lace?" I laughed, "Your childish, give me my bra." He handed it to me, "I have your undies too." He held them up, "I hope you know those fell in the toilet." He dropped them, "Kidding." I put them back in the drawer and pushed him out, "Go, Louis I'm not kidding." I slammed the door and put on some socks and my black converses, "Can I watch you get dressed?" I laughed, "I'm already dressed." I grabbed a grey beanie and threw over my frizzy hair, "Can I come in now?" I opened the door, "Louis, just stop." I walked downstairs and didn't see Niall or his slutty girl anywhere, "They're in class. It's just me and you." He winked, "Actually, it's just you. See ya." I grabbed my phone and walked out of the house, First day and he's already trying to get with me, like no.

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