Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


11. "Okay, whatever."

Liam POV
I sat in the football field, how can she be so late? I looked at my watch, 8:45 I sighed and grabbed the picnic basket and blanket before I went inside, I saw Angel, Louis, and Niall laughing in the hallway, "Hey guys, have you heard from Addie?" Angel looked at Louis and then at me, "She didn't tell you?" I shrugged, "Tell me what?" Angel looked down, "Harry mentally forced her to have sex with him. She was raped." I felt my jaw drop, "What? Your kidding." She shook her head, "No, she only let me in the room, because she trusts me." Niall wiped his eyes, "She needs a cuddle. And she doesn't trust me." I grabbed Angel's wrist, "Louis, I'm borrowing your girlfriend. For Addison purposes." We ran to her house and saw Harry smiling at his phone, "Why are you smiling?" He laughed, "Because I finally got in her." Angel rolled her eyes, "Your disgusting, you know she's up there crying right?" He shrugged, "So, I finally tapped that. I got to tell everybody." I grabbed his phone and literally crushed it, "Dude." I shook my head, "You need to have respect for girls man." I ran upstairs with Angel and she knocked on her door, "Addison, let me in."  I heard her crying when she opened the door, "Addie." I pushed past Angel and hugged her, "Liam why are you here?" I closed my eyes when I hugged her, "I can't believe Harry did that to you." Angel closed the door and walked downstairs, "Can we not talk about that? I feel like a slut." I hugged her, "Your not a slut, he mentally forced you." I fell on the bed with her in my arms, "I told Calum, he told me it wasn't my fault." I laughed, "He's right, it's not. It's Harry's." I cradled her in my arms, "You know I love you right?" FUCK FUCK FUCK!! I'm dead meat, "I love you too Liam, I can trust you, you don't lie to me." I felt guilt washing over me, "Because I'm a nice person." She looked at me and kissed me and sat on top of me, "Addie-" She kissed me and started taking off my shirt, "Addie, no." She didn't listen to me and took off her shirt and kissed me again, "Addie stop." She laughed, "Your no fun." I smiled, "Because I know what's right." She smiled, "This is right." She took off her shorts and my pants, "Addie, what would Calum say?" She shrugged, "I don't know. Yes no maybe so." I kissed her and flipped us around, "Okay, if your so sure about this, I have a rule, where I never ever let a girl on top." I stuck myself inside her to only find out she'd cry out, "Addie, did I forget to mention that this will hurt." She kissed me and nodded, "Just. Don't. Stop." I laughed, I WILL stop. But she doesn't know that. I released myself from her and layed down beside her, "Hang on." She kissed my neck, "Your mine." i laughed, "Okay, whatever."

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