Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


16. "Night Harry."

I walked with Luke and he frowned, "I'm sorry I didn't show yesterday, I got a cough." I laughed, "Your a terrible liar, what really happened?" He laughed, "Calum told me not to show." I smiled, "Makes sense. Why?" He looked down, "I told him about the promise, and he didn't like that." I nodded, "Well that's not his decision. Like you said, your always the second choice, and I think we're both tired of that." He laughed, "So how's Liam?" I shrugged, "Broke up, he broke up with me, because he has possessive issues." Luke laughed, "Are you okay, sorry I didn't mean to laugh." I shrugged, "It's fine, he's a dick." Luke smiled, "He was a dick that was your boyfriend. And now your relationship is just poof." I nodded, "I know."

Liam POV

"I can't believe you made me break up with her Harry." Harry shrugged, "You'll get over it, it was a setback." I stood up, "I don't want to be apart of this plan anymore, and neither does anybody else. We want to do what we want to." Angel got up, "Yea, and Harry, she's warming up to you. Can we drop this plan, the one who's getting hurt in the end is her." Harry looked around, "I can't believe I'm saying this, fine. We'll drop the plan." Our faces lit up and he frowned, "Don't look too much into this." Louis smiled, "Now everything is right, I don't know about Niall, but I have a good feeling about this." Niall smiled, "She's cool with me, and Harry's gonna be sweet for a change." We all looked at him, "Fine, even though, I've already been doing that."

Addison POV

After I got home everybody was asleep except Harry, "Hey how was the thing with the people?" I laughed, "It's going good actually. Today we were rolling through the streets, and Michael almost got hit by a car. But that was Ashton's fault." He laughed, "That's cool, wanna watch a movie with me?" I looked at the TV, "Depends, what is it?" He shrugged, "Just a movie." I laughed, "Tell me what it is." He smiled like he was enjoying this, "It's a movie." I walked up to him, "You better tell me what movie, or I'll scream rape." He set down his popcorn, "Do you wanna know?" I laughed, "Yea, I wanna know." He pulled me down next to him, "A movie." I glared at him, "I'm getting nowhere with you." He laughed, "Okay, I give in, we're watching 21 Jump Street. Happy?" I shrugged, "Yea, it's a cool movie." He handed me the popcorn bowl, "Here, I'll be back, I have to go change." He ran upstairs and within a split second he came back down, "Wait, don't you usually sleep topless?" He smiled, "You would want to see that." I laughed, "No, I'm just sayin. Please keep the shirt on." He took it off and sat beside me, "Do I feel warm?" I smirked, "A little." I smiled throughout the movie while he fell asleep. "Night Harry."

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