Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


18. "It's tickets to their concert."

Addison POV

When I got home I decided to get something to eat, "Hey Addie." I turned around, "Hey Liam, feel like yelling at me again?" He shook his head, "No, um I just want to talk." I shrugged, "Well I don't, I want to eat something, take a shower and then meet the boys at the airport." He looked down, "Okay. I understand." He walked out with his head low and Harry walked downstairs, "Um, hey feel like doing something tonight." I shook my head, "I'm gonna be outta here within an hour. I'm meeting the boys at the airport for goodbyes." He nodded, "Do you want me to drive you?" I shrugged, "That's up to you." He grabbed his jacket, "Well then I'm driving you. Um hurry up." He walked over to the couch and grabbed his phone, "Why are you trusting me?" I looked up from my milk and looked at him, "You deserved a second chance. The other Harry isn't you." He sighed, "But what if it is?" I shook my head, "It's not. Your trying to make me think your a bad guy, but your not." He laughed, "You don't know how I live." I shrugged, "I don't need to, I also know Niall's not a bad person, and I know that Louis' not a jackass." He laughed, "He can be sometimes." I shrugged, "But I haven't figured that out. Now can we go, I think I can wait till I get back from the airport." He grabbed his keys and his phone. "Let's go then."


"Ashton wait." He turned around and hugged me, "I'm gonna miss you." I smiled, "I'm gonna miss you too." He set me down and looked at Harry, "Who's he?" I laughed, "My ride, where's the others?" He sighed, "Calum is already on the plane, he didn't believe you were coming. Just spending time with your boyfriend." I laughed, "I don't have a boyfriend. I told Luke I broke up with Liam." Michael nodded, "I just got the message, it's true. She's single. Now come here." I hugged him, "I'm gonna try to keep this color for as long as I can." I laughed, "Good, because I love it." He twirled me around and Luke laughed, "Can I have my hug?" Michael set me down and handed me to Luke, "Come here." He hugged me and I smiled, "I love you Addison." I smiled, "I love you too Luke. I'm really gonna miss you." I kissed his cheek and he kissed mine, "I'll see you when you get back." I nodded, "Of course." He let go and I wiped away tears, "Here, I got this for you. So you remember all of us." He handed me a package and left with the boys, "What is it?" He continued walking and I looked at Harry, "Open it." I tugged at the tape and saw a scrapbook inside and I smiled, "Of course." I started flipping through the pages and something fell out. I looked at the ground and picked up what fell. I looked at it closely and smiled, "It's tickets to their concert." I couldn't stop smiling, "They've wanted this since they were five."

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