Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


23. "It can wait."

Addison POV

When Harry kissed me, I couldn't help but smile. He pulled away and he smiled, "I'm not gonna pretend to be the bad guy anymore." I smiled, "That's sweet." He grabbed my hand, "Now let's get outta here. Before they try something." He started running back to the house and pulled me inside with him. "Um didn't you guys just leave?" I looked at Niall, "We did. And now we're back. Harry pissed off some guys." Niall nodded and rolled back over, "So Addison I wanted to ask you something." I looked at Harry panting, "What is it?" He laughed, "Your outta shape." I smiled, "That's not a question." I caught my breath and he laughed, "Um I wanted to ask you if-"

"Hey guys. You look beat." Harry looked down and smiled, "Ruining the moment as always Louis." He shrugged, "You two were having a moment?" Harry nodded, "Yes, and we'd like to finish it." I smiled, "Well it can wait Harry, it's not like you were gonna ask something important." I punched myself in the gut when I said that, "So what's going on Lou?" He shrugged, "I'm about to take Angel out." I smiled, "Right dating, almost forgot." He laughed, "Yea, so I'll leave you guys to continue your moment." He ran back upstairs and I looked at Harry, "I'm hungry." Harry sighed, "I really need to ask you this." I smiled, "Your window of opportunity has closed. Ask some other day. I'm hungry." I ran to the kitchen and pulled out some cereal.

Harry POV

I sighed and sat next to Niall, "Ugh." Niall smiled, "Your trying to hard." I shrugged, "How less complex can I get?" He shrugged, "Don't know, I'm just saying." There was a moment of silence when somebody walked through the door, "Liam I-" I stopped what I was saying when the guy walked in, "Who are you?" He smiled, "I'm Zayn." I nodded, "Okay follow up question, what are you doing here?" He shrugged, "I live here now." I looked at Addison who was shoving cereal in her mouth, "Um okay, one of us have to give up our room." Niall shrugged, "He can share with me, my room's pretty huge and there's already another bed in it." I smiled, "I was actually thinking, Addison and I could share a room." I smiled at her, "Um Harry a few words?" She came in the lounging area and grabbed me by my jacket into another room, "First what are you playing at?" I shrugged, "Since we're friends now, maybe we could share a room." She sighed, "Harry remember everything between us when we met. I don't have a good feeling about this." I rubbed her arm, "Don't worry it'll be fine. We can sleep together." She laughed, "Even more of a reason not to do it." I gasped, "Rude much?" She shrugged, "Eh." I kissed her and she smiled, "We can go through with this."

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