Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


6. "Don't tell her you love her."

I fell asleep halfway through the movie and I kept dreaming about Australia, "Calum?" He turned around, "Addison. What happened to you, your different." I looked at me, I was wearing black skinny jeans, black converses, a black shirt, and I black undershirt. I looked in my phone, black beanie, nose piercing, lip piercing, eyebrow piercing. What happened to me? "I knew I should've came with you. Now your pregnant, and on drugs." I looked at my stomach getting bigger and I started pulling weed out of my pockets, "What the hell?" I murmured under my breath as I started throwing it on the ground, "Your not the girl I used to know. I leave you for one term and now this. The British must be crazy." Ashton walked up behind him, "Is that Addison?" He nodded, "What happened, you were beautiful before, now your that." I suddenly got a pain in my stomach, "She's giving birth." Ashton said looking at Calum, "What do we do? Micheal has your car." Calum said kneeling down beside me, "I don't know. Luke's not here, and you-" He stopped, "Are well you." He looked at him shaking his head, "Just get the baby out." They started doing all of these things and making jokes about it, What happened, how did I get pregnant, when did I do drugs? Ashton looked at me and smiled, "Look, she's changing." Calum looked at me, "Everything's dissapearing." He held a baby in his arms that slowly vanished and so did the blood that went with it, "Are you okay?" He stood me up and I looked in my phone, "Everything's gone. The nasty stuff." I looked in my Columbia jacket, "No weed." Calum smiled, "I got my girl back." I smiled, "You do."

I woke up and Liam looked at me, "Nightmare." I looked at him, "Started out as one, then it ended as a dream." He nodded, "Kinda weird." I nodded, "I'm just gonna head up to bed." Harry looked at me from across the room, "Me too. I'm exhausted." He pretended to yawn and I ran upstairs, fast. "Hey, look I'm sorry about earlier. I just feel like you like Liam more than me." I nodded, "I do. He doesn't try to rape me." I walked in my room, "Please don't change partners." I shrugged, "Nothing you can say with change my mind." I slammed the door in his face and locked it before he could open it, I was gonna have to get a padlock too. So he couldn't bribe Louis to break in. I got under my covers and fell asleep, New dream, New Dream.

Harry POV

I walked downstairs, "We came into a bump with the plan." Niall and Louis laughed, "Dude. We have to pretend to be whores. What's your bump?" I shrugged, "Addison would rather have Liam as a partner than me." Liam got up, "No this is good. Um, a month later we can get into a Chemistry fight. You claim you've changed and care for her." Angel got up, "Guys, I don't want to be apart of this plan anymore. Addison's a great girl." I looked at her, "You promised. You can't back out now." Louis kissed her, "Your doing the right thing babe. Stick up for what you believe in." Angel sat back down, "Now, Liam plan something. Make her fall deeper." He shrugged, "Ditch Science with her and play a bit of football." I shook my dead, "Sweeter, more romantic." He shrugged, "A picnic in the football field." I nodded, "Good." Niall got up, "Guys, this is crazy, Ad having Ryan 'dissapear'. That's a bit much." I glared at him, "Your just mad because you 'raped' her." He sat down, "She won't feel safe. She trusts Liam. Your gonna break her." I smiled, "Break her in." I high-fived Liam, "Yea. And what's so bad about that? I mean she's got a fit body." I glared at Liam, "Watch it. And Louis, you pretend you had sex with Angel." He laughed, "Why pretend? She's my girlfriend." They both nodded, "Or actually have sex, whatever floats your boat." I jumped on the couch, "Whatever you do Liam, don't tell her you love her."

A/N: So over the last three years they're has been different Liam's and Harry's. Just to be clear, this is the Harry and Liam I picture when I read


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