Mr. Loverboy

"You've got a sexy body." I smiled, "Thanks." Harry laughed, "Soon it's gonna be my sexy body. Naked." He kissed me and pushed me up against a wall, "I'm gonna make you feel good."


3. Chemistry

I walked to my first class and saw Angel in the hallway, "You left without me?" She frowned, "I was gonna be late for class. And Harry was really getting on my nerves, so I left. I'm sorry." I shrugged, "If that was the reason, all is forgiven." She hugged me, "Fantastic." I smiled, Angel was American. I've always wanted to go there. She's always wearing a button up shirt around her waist, skinny jeans, a solid color tee, and Toms. Today she had a red and black plaid shirt, a grey tee, and black sparkly Toms. She always curled her hair, and I was in love with her accent. "Hey girls." I turned around, "Who's he?" She shrugged, "I think Liam. He hangs out with Niall, Harry and Louis, but he's nothing like them." He hugged Angel, "Who's this?" She smiled, "This is Addison. She's a new student. He lives in the same house as me." He smiled, "So I'll see you tonight." He winked at me, "Why, what's tonight?" I looked at Angel, "We play Spin the bottle." I smiled, "I guess you will. If I get my homework done." He smiled, "Well if you need help. Ask me, I have no problem spending time with you." I felt my cheek go red and he giggled, "I'll see you girls around." Angel looked at me, "Do you have a crush on Liam?" I laughed, "No, I can't have a crush based on attraction." I wasn't lieing, it's how I personally felt about situations like this, and besides, I hadn't gotten over my ex, Calum Hood. He was an amazing guy, we said goodbye because of this boarding school. He would've came with me, but his band means everything to him. I didn't want him to leave that behind. Angel saw me thinking, "What's up?" I sighed, "Nothing. Just thinking. I need to get to class." She grabbed my arm, "I'll take you there." She looked at my schedule, "Oh no, your first class is with Harry, he sits alone." I sighed, "Well, this is gonna be an awkward year." She giggled, "Just go, first period's about to start." I ran and stood in front of the class, I heard lot's of 'Oohs' and whispering, I stood there shyly, let's just say, I was very self conscious about myself, Calum tried his best help me, but it never worked. The teacher came in and examined me, "Addison." I nodded, "Yes?" She frowned, "Take a seat next to Mr. Styles. Mr. Styles, raise your hand." Harry raised his hand and I sat down, "You look pale."  looked at Harry, "Where's your girl?" He shrugged, "Thought I was looking at her." I looked around, "Me?" He nodded, "I don't think so. Harry, I barely know you. I'm not easy." He shrugged, "Never said you were." He tapped his pencil against the desk and I grabbed a notebook, "Ms. Dargitz, (Darjits), can you be Harry's chemistry partner?" I shrugged, "I guess." He smiled, "Fantanstic." He handed me a piece of paper, Maybe we could ditch the game and work together in my bedroom? ;) I laughed and wrote, No way. We'll work when there's other witnesses around us. I handed him his paper and he laughed, "What do you think I can't control myself?" I shrugged, "Angel told me what you were. I'm just trying to look after myself." He laughed, "Of course. She's my ex." i laughed, "Yea." We heard the bell and I got up, "Visit me by the toilets." I wasn't going, I wasn't stupid.

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