Revenge (One Direction)

Eliza is the childhood enemy of Niall Horan. Their brothers were best friends, so Eliza and Niall were forced to be friends. They weren't always enemies. But after Niall chopped off her doll's head, he was dead to her. After one final attempt of humiliating Eliza, Niall leaves for the X-Factor. Eliza finishes school and goes to live in London. After losing her job, she takes on as Harry Style's girlfriend. Will Eliza finally avenge Niall? Or will something stand in the way of her revenge?


2. I get the worst job of my life


     “Eliza Ward?” A man in a suit called out. I collected my book and my bag and followed him down the hallway to a room that made me feel like I was being interrogated because I was a murder suspect. He extended their arm towards a seat, telling me to sit. I dropped my bag from my shoulder and sat in the hard chair.

     “Why do you want this job?” He asked. His voice was rough and deep, almost like a cross between Morgan Freeman and Nick Fury. His dark hair was shaved close to his head and his gray eyes looked hard and cold. He looked like an overworked soldier-turned-office worker.

     “Well, I just lost my job and my friend told me about this one, and a job is a job,” I answered honestly. Lying gets you nowhere in life. I learned that the hard way.

     “Do you mind me asking who your friend is? Not many people would know about this, as it’s meant to be a secret. You wouldn’t want to be known as Harry Styles’ fake girlfriend, would you?”

     “No, I wouldn’t. And I heard about it from Jade Thirwall, of Little Mix.”

     “Ok. Now, what makes you think you have what it takes to do this?” He questioned.  

     “I’m really good a keeping secrets, I used to act when I lived in Ireland, and I’m willing to do whatever I takes to not starve because I have no money.”

     “What are your likes and dislikes? We need you to be compatible with Mr. Styles.”

     “I like food, the Avengers, books, music, and chocolate. I hate people who diss Justin Bieber, cheaters, The Capitol, onions, bad cell service, and people who have never read The Hunger Games but claim to know everything about it.”

     “If someone claimed to know your secret, what would you do?”

     “I’d confirm or deny it, depends on what secret, and walk away.”            

    “What would you do if Paparazzi swarmed around you while you were out?”

     “I’d tell them to back off then walk away quickly. I wouldn’t answer any questions unless I know they can’t use it against me or twist my words.”

     “That’s all for now. We’ll get back to you soon.”

   I stood up and stood awkwardly for a few seconds before grabbing my bag and walking back towards the waiting room. I couldn’t tell how well it had gone, considering that I had never been interviewed for a position as the person all fangirls hate.

   Perrie was in the lobby when I walked in. Jade had told me to keep an eye out for one of her band mates, because she was busy and I didn’t have a car. She was reading The Hunger Games in the back corner of the room, but the light bouncing off and shining because of her ring could be seen from miles away.

     “Perrie!” Her nose peeked up and over the top of the book as I called her name.             

     “Eliza! It’s been too long!”

     “I was over yesterday . . .” I trailed off, a little confused because we had just seen each other.

     “But when it’s one of my best mates it feels like forever!” She exclaimed. “So, how was the interview?”

     “Good. I have no idea if I’ll get it, seeing as I’m not in the business of fake girlfriends.”

     “If you need any help, ask Simon. He knows everything about trying to get Louis a fake girlfriend, after the Larry thing.”

   I looked at her funny, because I knew Eleanor was Louis’s actual girlfriend, and not a fake. She caught on quickly because she added, “Eleanor isn’t a beard; she and Louis met just in time. If they had met a week later, Louis would’ve had a fake girlfriend hanging around like a lost kitten.”

   I was about to reply when my phone vibrated in my boot. I picked it up and motioned to Perrie to wait.

     “Hello?” I answered.

     “Is this Miss Eliza Ward?” a gruff voice came through my phone. I recognized him as my interviewer.

     “Yes, this is she.”

     “We would like to inform you that you have gotten the job. Please come to conference room two in ten minutes for the details of this term.”

     “Um, okay. And, um, thank you! For the job, I mean.” I hung up and looked at Perrie. She was looking at me, her face wearing a confused expression. Her eyes were wide with optimism, like she already knew what I was going to say, but at the same time she had no idea what was going on.

     “Did you get the job?”

     “Yeah. I’m officially the fake girlfriend of Harry Styles. Oh, and do you know where conference room two is? I was told I needed to be there in ten minutes.”

     “Yeah, no problem! I’ll show you.”

   Ten minutes later, Perrie, Simon Cowell, my interviewer, all of One Direction and I. I was a little intimidated by Simon, who was all-powerful in the world of celebrities, and awe-struck by four out of five members of One Direction, because even if I knew Perrie already, I had only met Zayn twice before, and I’d never met Liam, Louis, or Harry.

     “Harry, lads, meet Eliza Ward. She will be Harry’s girlfriend for the time being. Eliza, meet Harry, Louis, Liam-“

   I cut the dude off, because I already knew the last two. “Zayn and Niall.” I hissed Niall’s name, but only the devil himself noticed.

     “For the next six to twelve months, Eliza will be pretending to be Harry’s girlfriend to distract everyone from the recent incident with Larry. We chose Eliza because she was the most real person interviewed. She’s not a model, she can relate to the fans, and says the hate and the death threats won’t bother her.”

     “How do you relate to the fans?” Liam asked.

     “They love you, and worship the ground that you walk on, and have twitters dedicated to you and work their asses off to get you to follow them. I’m like that, but with books and the Avengers.” And I want my revenge on people who humiliate me.

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