Revenge (One Direction)

Eliza is the childhood enemy of Niall Horan. Their brothers were best friends, so Eliza and Niall were forced to be friends. They weren't always enemies. But after Niall chopped off her doll's head, he was dead to her. After one final attempt of humiliating Eliza, Niall leaves for the X-Factor. Eliza finishes school and goes to live in London. After losing her job, she takes on as Harry Style's girlfriend. Will Eliza finally avenge Niall? Or will something stand in the way of her revenge?


1. How It Started

Eliza’s POV


“I can’t believe you! You ruined the one night I actually wanted to feel beautiful!” I screamed.

“I’m sorry, I tripped and I didn’t see he table—“

“That’s not the problem!” I yelled. “Well it’s part of it but that’s not why I’m mad! First, you insisted on taking me to my prom, and then you go and talk dirty to the professional slut! Then, you act like you don’t know me and leave me alone with the stoners! Third, you didn’t dance with me once, when you took me to the prom! I won’t even mention how you ruined my dress, got me soaked, and destroyed my dreams of ever even tolerating just by trying to make out with my best friend!”


“Don’t ‘Liza’ me! Only my friends call me Liza.”

“So what am I?”

“You are my worst nightmare. You’re the person that makes my nightmares of being killed by a murderer or natural disaster or zombies even worse! You ruin my life, and I don’t even know why! Why? Why are you my worst nightmare? Why do you insist on ruining my life?”

“I don’t mean to—“

“Why do you ruin my life?!”

“Because I like you and I don’t know how else to get your attention! You ignore me every chance you get and when you do pay attention you insult me and try to ruin my life!”

  Out of impulse, I closed the distance between him and I. I raised my hand to his cheek gently. I started leaning in, and he closed his eyes. I brought my hand back and slapped him. I looked at him in shock. I’d never even slap my brother’s shoulder when he was being annoying, let alone someone’s face. I caught a glimpse of a swollen hand mark on his cheek before he gently touched his finger to it. He grimaced in pain, and I felt bad.

“I’m so sorry!” I apologized. “I’ve never done anything like that before! I don’t know why I did that! I’m truly sorry!”

“Just leave it.” He walked away from me and back into the school.

 The last time I saw him, he was holding his cheek and walking away from me. The next day, I never saw him. When I finally asked my brother, he said he was on the X-Factor. I looked him up and saw that he was in a boyband with four other boys.

“Good for him. This should help him get over me.”


“Look, I don’t want to do this, but everyone that hasn’t been here for ten or more years is being laid off. I’m sorry, but I don’t make these decisions.”

  I sighed and walked back to my class. I called my best friend, Jade, to come help me with my stuff.

“Oh sweetie. Is there anything I can do?” Jade comforted me.

“Can you get me a job?” I asked, my voice cracking because of the tears.

“Just maybe, although it’s not ideal, but it will help pay the bills.”

“So what type of job?”

“Um, you’ll be working with celebrities. Of the male variety. They have a close connection to one of my friends,” she elaborated.

“Anything else? Like exactly what I’ll be doing?”

“Um, you’ll be going out with Harry Styles,” she mumbled. I barely heard her.

“No, no, no, no no no! Never will I do that!”

“Why not? It’s a job! It pays well!”

“How do you know?”

“Perrie told me that she overheard a conversation between the boys about it, and that management will pay a girl a large sum of money to go out with Harry.”

“I might just try for it.”

“Are you sure? You’ll be around him.”

“Oh I’m sure. Besides, how else can I get my revenge?”

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