My Hero (One Direction FanFiction)

Kathryn, Corey and Tyler are bionic which means they are the fastest,smartest and strongest people in this planet, It is their mission to save One Direction from dying at a concert in the O2 arena. what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


5. Chapter 4

I turned the radio and 'Story Of My Life' by One Direction came on. "OMG. It's my favorite song" I sang the rest of the way there. I got out of the car and saw over 1000 girls already there. I mean it's One Direction we are talking about. "hey guys did you bring the tickets and passes?" "Of course we did, here let's go line up before more people get here. Like 20 minutes later we finally got to our seats. The concert started at 7:00, it was 6:56. Only 34 more minutes till I get to save my favorite band. The clock hit 7:00 and their faces started flashing on the screen. "LONDON!!How are we tonight?" Liam said into the microphone, he instantly got screams back. Na Na Na started playing and the crowd went wild. They sang Moments, and Up All Night. I checked my phone and it read 7:20.

"Hey guys, we should start heading backstage. Just to be safe."

"Okay sounds good. C'mon Tyler stop singing and let's go." Yea my brother Tyler is a BIG One Direction fan.

We headed backstage and put a blanket type of thing around us to make us invisible. I sent both of them a cyber message telling them to split up. I felt both of them go in different directions. Okay just 2 more minutes. Those 2 minutes felt like a million years. 10...9...8...7... I got in a running position and when the curtains dropped I saw Tyler push all of them and then I got under the object which was a metal piece that held the lights. I was to late to hold it up so I came falling on me at 50 mph. When I felt it touch me I got all of the air knocked out of my precious lungs. I heard screaming around me and blackness surrounded me.


BEEP. BEEP. BEEP. Ugh wtf is that annoying noise. Then I heard Corey's voice and with all of the strength I had I silently said his name. "Corey?" Corey and I were always closer even though Tyler and I loved One Direction. "Kathryn are you okay" when I heard worry in his voice I opened my eyes up and saw his green blue eyes. "Do I look okay?" I said trying to cheer everyone up. "Yup she's back." Tyler said and then I felt both of them hug me. "okay if you guys want me to stay here then continue strangling me to death" the nurses came in and checked my heart beat and my ribs. "Umm , why are you touching me there?" She looked up at me and smiled "You broke 2 ribs." Wow I didn't think that metal thing could do that much damage. "Will I be okay though ?" "Yes, you will just have to improve your health and let most of the pain go away. Right now you can't walk because it will really hurt but other than that your fine." Phew I was okay! I didn't want my life to just end. "Oh and there are a few people who want to come in. May I allow them in?" I looked toward Corey and he nodded. "Yea that'll be fine" "Okay I'll be right back." A minute later 5 guys walked in. Obviously One Direction. I don't know what happened but I suddenly felt an excruciating pain on my ribs. I screamed and got a hold of someone's biceps. "Corey help me. I can't breath." Nurses came in again and checked what was happening then one of them said that they needed to take me to the ER. I got wheeled out. The last thing I saw before I went in were a pair of beautiful ocean blue eyes with tears and then everything went black again. For the second time today.

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