My Hero (One Direction FanFiction)

Kathryn, Corey and Tyler are bionic which means they are the fastest,smartest and strongest people in this planet, It is their mission to save One Direction from dying at a concert in the O2 arena. what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


4. Chapter 3

There were 4 guys one with black hair brown eyes, two with blonde hair and blue eyes and the last one had brown hair with green eyes. "Well hello there pretty girl" when the guy said that I felt Corey tense up against me "Umm hi, can you guys like get lost?" "Huh? A pretty girl with an attitude" "I'm actually taken" "Really? By who?" Oh no. What should I tell them..... Ah perfect. I put my arm around Corey's waist and told them is was him. "I don't believe you" "You don't have to" and with that I turned around and intertwined Corey and I's hand. Once we were out of their sight I quickly let go of his hand and went to the nearest bathroom and washed my hand like 10 times. Once I was finished I went back to them and they started laughing so hard people around us started staring. "Stop it. People are staring" "so what?" I looked at my clock and saw it was already 2:30. "Guys I'm hungry" "Your always hungry" "Excuse me say that again, I don't speak bull shit" "Oh okay little miss sassy pants. Why don't we go get food?" "Yea okay that sounds good" Tyler said. We went to get food , and after we finished we went to a couple stores but since I needed girl stuff I told them I was going to to somewhere. "Where are you going?" "Somewhere" then I turned on my heels and walked toward Victoria Secret. I bought a few bras and underwear. I payed and went to look for my 2 idiot brothers. I found them in the video section. "Of course you guys are here" "well sorry. Gotta have games or else life would be miserable" it was now 4 "guys we should go back to the hotel" "Yea that's sounds good"

****At Hotel****

We got to the room. Put everything away and sat down and watched TV. I started thinking about our plan and almost forgot that our bionic secret couldn't get out. "Shit. Guys we can't reveal our bionic secret what are we going to do?" "Oh yea. Well i really don't know" "well the fans are okay but what about everyone else?" "We will just have to expose it" Tyler said "are you guys crazy if the government finds out we will have to change our identity and our dad would have to go to jail. Why don't we just use the basics?" "Basics?" "Yea like we can use super strength but not super speed. We would just have to be right there at the right time." "That sounds good but , then we would have to split up." "That's fine, so remember Corey is going to pull the curtains down and Tyler will push all of them away and then I'll let the object fall on top me but catch it with my super strength" "are you sure?" "Yes, I am now no more complaining"

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