My Hero (One Direction FanFiction)

Kathryn, Corey and Tyler are bionic which means they are the fastest,smartest and strongest people in this planet, It is their mission to save One Direction from dying at a concert in the O2 arena. what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


2. Chapter 2

"Hey are you okay" my brother asked "oh, yea just a bit tired that's all" "Hey why don't we take a break and eat something" "Oh okay that sounds good, I'll stop on the next McDonald's" I kept on going until I saw a giant yellow 'm'. We walked in and ordered our food. " Hey guys what is our plan going to be?" Corey asked "Oh okay so since we have backstage passes we'll go in, if they don't let us go well turn invisible and go. Our dad told is that Symon wants something to fall on top of them, I'm not sure what, then that where you guys help. Corey is going to drop the curtains down so the fans don't see u-" "Hold up, what about all of the workers backstage?" "I really don't know. Anyways continuing with our plan, okay then Tyler and I will push them out of the way and use our super strength to stop the object from falling on top of us" "Okay that's sounds good" it was getting late so I told the boys and we headed off the London. A few hours later we got to our hotel room. "Okay well we have should go to sleep. Unless you guys want to watch a movie?" "Yea! Let's watch a movie how about-" "Don't you dare say Batman" Corey said interrupting me. "Okay then how about 'Never Back Down' I haven't seen it in ages!!!" "Yes! I love that movie so much." Tyler put the movie into the DVD and played it while I went to get the popcorn, candy and soda.


*The Next Morning*

I woke up and checked my phone and saw that I had 1 message from my dad

"Hey guys I just wanted to tell you that I investigated and found out that he was going to strike earlier then what we though. Change off plans your mission has changed to today's concert at 7:30. Sorry to inform you this late. " WTF!! I screamed that I woke both if my brothers up. "What the heck! Can't we get some sleep?" "Well I'm sorry it's already 10:30, plus there is a change of plans. Instead of next week it's today at 7:30" "Bull shi-" "Hey, watch your language" "I'm sorry but it's true, well there is nothing we can do, anyways since we have the whole day do you guys want to go out and shop for stuff?" They looked at each other and nodded towards me "okay great I'll make breakfast and you guys get ready we're leaving at 11:30." I walked out to the kitchen and got eggs,bacon,milk and toast. 10 minutes later I screamed saying that breakfast was ready.

*Fast forward to the mall*

I had put on shorts and a crop top along with my vans. Yes, Us Americans like Vans a lot. I didn't feel like shopping so I just tagged along with my brothers. Then I saw a group of guys approach us.

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