My Hero (One Direction FanFiction)

Kathryn, Corey and Tyler are bionic which means they are the fastest,smartest and strongest people in this planet, It is their mission to save One Direction from dying at a concert in the O2 arena. what happens when she falls in love with one of them?


1. Chapter 1

Hello my name is Kathryn May. I am bionic which means that I am the strongest, fastest and smartest person in this planet. I look like a normal girl, let's just say I'm not the hottest girl there is. I have glasses, braces, dirty blonde hair, and blue eyes. I go on missions with my brothers to keep people safe. Their names are Corey and Tyler. They are also bionic but there still working on it. " hey you guys have a new mission" I heard my father say "What is it?" I asked enthusiastically "Do you guys know the world-wide famous boy band One Direction?" "Of course we do"I said " oh well it turns out the evil mastermind Symon, wants to destroy them" "what? Why? He's the one the put them together in the first place?" " I don't know all I know is that he's going to kill them on their next concert in The O2 Arena which is in 2 days!" " What how are we going to get there?" Corey asked "your sister Kathryn is going to take you guys with her super speed" " awww why is it always her" "we don't have time to argue let's go" " okay but first change into your mission suits." We all went and changed." Okay were ready to go" " okay so be safe and I'll stay in contact with you guys" we all went outside, they got on my back and Off we went to save One Direction from dying. Just thinking about it made me cry because I love them so much

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