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A girl named Y/n meets Justin Bieber they become friends instantly but then things go wrong✌️


2. You know my name not my story


AT THE M&G: You were last in line there was only 2 people in front of you a few minutes later it was your turn a tall guy named kenny walked you to justin "hey y/n" he says "hey Justin " you guys took a couple pictures silly faces and kissy faces and normal faces then on the last picture You got lost in his eyes all the sudden Justin leaned in and kissed you at first you were shocked then you started kissing back.

when it was time to go Justin slipped something in your back pocket and said bye you and zoey started walking to the car and got in "OMG" you scream "what" she said "justin kissed me" "ahhhhhhh" you both scream you remember he slipped something in your pocket you get it out and it says "call me" with the number at the bottom so you decide to call. (you and Justin's phone call) "hello" says justin "hey it y/n" "oh hey so i was thinking wanna meet me sometime tomorrow" "sure where at" "how about Starbucks at 4 pm" "ok see ya later" "bye" "bye" (end of conversation)

"who was that" zoey asks "justin" "omg what he say" "he said he wants to meet at starbucks Tomorrow" "omg" during you ride home you go on instagram and post a pic of u and Justin "me and @justinbieber at the m&g" you post it and immediately get likes and comments and followers. Tommorow is gonna be a perf👌 day .

THE NEXT DAY: You wake up at 9:30 you decide to get ready for later you get up and shower you wrap a towel around your hair and body. you go to your closet and get a high-low dress thats teal with a white crop top and some white heels you curl your hair and apply eyeliner and mascara and some eyeshadow you were finally done you looked in the mirror and was satisfied with your outfit it was 12:00 i really looked good though

LATER ON AT STARBUCKS: " y/n you look beautiful" he says you blush "thanks not to bad yourself" you say he chuckles "im so happy you came" he says "why" "cause i really like you" he says you look shocked an say "really" "yes y/n your beautiful and perfect will you do the honors of being my girlfriend" "Yess justin i will" you both kiss passionately you get in your car and justin gets in his car you follow him to his house

AT Justin's house: "so y/n wanna go clubbing with me ryan and chaz and twist and za" "yea always up for partying" you both laugh and kiss "well i guess ill see you later at 9:00'' "yea bye" "bye" you get home and change into a black dress that goes to your thighs and some black heels with a leather red jacket to match your lipstick and watch finally it was 9:00 you went to Justin's he came down wearing a red shirt with some black leather pants and red supras you bite your lip he chuckles "damn y/n you look sexy" you blush later you head to the club as soon as you get there you and Justin dance all of the sudden you see .....

--- hope you guys enjoyed it plz comment and vote k byee luvs

comment if u want a personal imagine

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