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1. Introduction

* Lights Flashing Everywhere *

Paparazzi : Tori Tori Tori . How Are You And Justin ..?

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Paparazzi : Tori Tori Tori . Do You Think That Justin's Cheating on You ..?

You Finally Got To Your Car And Drived Away . You Were So Tired And Sad . You Missed Justin So Much Because He Is On Tour . And Now Your All Alone . You Finally Get To Your House . You Go Inside &&' Sit On The Couch . You Turn On The Tv And The First Thing You See Is

Justin Bieber Cheating On Tori With A Hooker..? Will This Be The Next Break Up..?

When You Saw That You Started To Cry . You Couldn't Believe That Justin Would Do That To You . After Everything You Both Have Been Through . You Went Upstairs To Your Both Bedroom &&' Started To Pack Your Stuff . You were Gonna Move Out . You Wrote A Note :

Dear Justin,

I Understand Now What You Ment . You Wanted Someone Else . Well That's Okay . I Hope You Are Happy With Your Hooker . Well Bye . &&' Dont Worry Bout Me Because You'll Be Wasting Your Time .

- Tori

You Left It On The Table . &&' Walked Out The Room . You Went Downstairs .

" Bye House " You Said . Then You Walked Out .

Hey Guys ! I'm Gonna Make A New FanFiction :) I Hope You Enjoy It :)

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