It is multiple poetry-ish thoughts on the same subject.

Tell me what you think about it.


9. What it is

I don’t really know what it is


I felt it

But when I felt it, I didn’t feel it

I can’t feel it when it’s present

Only when it’s past


I can feel it everywhere
But when i start searching

It’s nowhere to be found


It’s something undefinable

Never recognizable


Something unbelievable

So unachievable


I inhale it

I exhale it

It flows in my blood


It’s a tingling warmth that spreads


Then takes over my body before i see it coming

Controls the smallest movement

Paralyzes my heartbeat in a second

Then knocks me over and takes you away

Leaving me confused behind

Not knowing what happened before it was gone


Like with a brief gust

I’m left behind with the chills as the only sign of what was you

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