It is multiple poetry-ish thoughts on the same subject.

Tell me what you think about it.


8. It feels so right

I can’t see you, but you feel so close

I can’t touch

I can’t smell

I can’t hear

I can’t taste




I’ve imagined it

Many times

Again and again

Each time is different

It get’s better even though it’s already perfect


I smile

When I think of you, I smile

Wider and wider each time

I smile and then I keep thinking


A tear falls



Inside my head it’s not quiet

It’s a chaos

Of everything

Everything ‘you’


I can’t handle it

One more tear



In my head everything is exploding


I can’t do anything

I panic

One more tear falls

And one more

They keep coming


I can’t stop them

I can’t hold them in

There’s no more space

No space for pretending

No space for hiding

No space


You’re right here, but yet so far away

And sometimes we pretend

But then when we stop pretending it’s even worse


And sometimes it feels wrong

So very wrong

But at the same time it feels so right

Nothing has ever felt so right

So real

So true

So ‘you’


But it’s still wrong

I forget than when I imagine

That’s why I imagine

To forget

To make what’s wrong right

To hide

To pretend


It feels so right

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