My new teacher ( Harry Styles Love story)

Ida Anderson is a 15 year old girl who lives in London with her family. Summer brake is now over and she starts school again. What happens when a special person walks in to her classroom? What happens when he tell them that he is their new teacher?!?! Read to find out..


3. Study with my teacher?

Harry's POV

I drove home so I could clean up before Ida comes. After I cleaned my house I went up to my bedroom and changed to more comfortable clothes (Black skinny jeans and a T-shirt).  I heard someone nocking on the door so I went down and opened. I't was Ida... '' Hii ehhmm welcome to my place'' I said ''ehm Hey,  thanks'' She said.  We went in to the living room. We sat us down on the couch..'' Mr Styles?'' she said ''Please call me Harry outside school'' I said ''Okay Mr Sty ehmm I mean Harry.I didn't know what to take with me so I just took my math book'' She said  '' You don't need any books today. I thought we could learn to know each other?'' I said  ''Sure'' She said '' Come closer'' I said.  Now we sat right next to each other.  I studied her face for a while,She is so beautiful. ''So Ida tell me about yourself'' I said. ''Okay ehmm My name is Ida Andersson but you already know that,I'm 15 and I have four brothers two older and two younger. My parents are divorced but they are really good friends. I live with my mum and  two of my brothers but my brothers lives with my dad too. Ehm my birthday is September 17'' she said  '' no offense but are you single?'' I asked '' Yes I am..It's your turn now!'' She said. '' Okay I'm Harry Styles I'm 19 and I have a sister. My birthday is February 1 and I live here all by myself. oh I forgot to say that I'm single'' I said.  '' Okay'' She said  ''Do you have something more private to say?'' I asked  '' Ehmm I don't think I belive in sex before marriage'' She said  '' interesting..So you're a'' I asked '' Virgin'' She said  '' Sorry but I really need to do this'' I said and kissed her. She didn't kiss back at first but then she did it. It felt like fireworks and ahhhhhh I can't explain. We pulled away '' Wow Mr S...Harry! I I I really need to go. Bye'' She said

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