My new teacher ( Harry Styles Love story)

Ida Anderson is a 15 year old girl who lives in London with her family. Summer brake is now over and she starts school again. What happens when a special person walks in to her classroom? What happens when he tell them that he is their new teacher?!?! Read to find out..


8. nothing can come between

Harry's POV

I went out to my car and drove home. It feels so good that Ida's mom likes me. I won't be able to see her until two day's because she's going to have a sleepover with her friends. I'm still worried that someone at work will see me and Ida. But I have to take that risk. It's 3 weeks to Christmas and I still don't know what to buy for Ida. Maybe a necklace.. I sat and watched TV when my phone rang.

- Hello

- Hi Harry It's me

- Hi darling

- Is it okay if I come over?

- Of course! Is something wrong?

- I'll tell you later. can you come and pick me up now?

- be there in 10. Love you

- I love you too

I put on my shoes and ran out to my car and drove as fast as I could. When I arrived she stood there and waited. I saw that she was crying so I ran out of the car and hugged her. We went in to the car and the only you could hear was Ida's sobs.

'' what's happened baby?'' I asked. '' my aunt died today'' she replied and started to cry more. '' come here'' I said and hugged her. '' I want you to stay with me until you're fine again''I continued and started the car. We drove in silence. When we arrived, I put Ida's bag in my room. I sat down beside her on the couch. '' Look at me baby'' I said. '' I need to call my friends and tell them that we can't have that sleepover tomorrow'' She said and I kissed her.

Ida's POV

I noticed how right everything felt when Harry kissed me. I think I'm going to break my chastity vow soon. It's weird, I've never loved someone as much as I love Harry. I fell asleep in Harry's lap.

I woke up and noticed that I was in Harry's bed. Harry asleep beside me. He looked so peaceful. I didn't want to wake him so I snuck out of the bedroom and in to the bathroom. '' Oh no!'' I thought to myself when I saw that I've got my period. I panicked when I thought of Harry's white sheets. Then I remembered that I didn't have any pads or tampons..I didn't know what to do..

Harry's POV

I woke up in a lonely bed. And the first thing that I saw was a red spot. ''Ida!?!'' I shouted. '' Yes!'' She shouted back. I could hear that she was in the bathroom. '' What are you doing in there?'' I asked. '' Ehm Harry... I've.. I've got my period and I don't have any pads or tampons'' She said. '' I'll go buy some'' I said. I got dressed and then went to the store. I went to all lady things. '' Mr Styles!'' someone said. I turned around and saw that it was Anne from my class and two of her friends. '' Ehm Hi!'' I said. '' What are you

doing here? I didn't think you had a girlfriend. Or are you buying it to yourself? Haha Just kidding'' she said. '' It is to my girlfriend'' I said and took a packet of tampons and a packet of pads. I went to the cashier and paid. Then I went home to Ida.

Anne's POV

I went after Mr Styles. I stood outside his window, I made sure that no one saw me. I saw someone walking down the stairs but I didn't see who it was. I saw Mr Styles kiss someone but who can it be?!? OMG It's Ida!!!!!

Ida's POV

the weekend is over.... And the only thing me and Harry have done is watching movies. Now it's Monday and school starts in an hour. Harry have made breakfast so we're eating cereals. '' I've been thinking about something'' he said. '' What?'' I wondered. '' Will you move in with me? I know it's a little bit early. But I really love you Ida'' he said. '' I'll think about it'' I said. We ate our breakfast and then went to school. Harry dropped me off outside Cornelia's house. We met Almira too and then we went to school together. We walked in to school and went in to our classroom. Someone knocked on the door. It was the principal and.... A boy? '' Who the hell is that??'' Cornelia asked me and Almira. '' I don't know? But he is cute'' I said. '' This is our new student, Erik. introduce yourself'' Harry said. '' I'm Erik and I'm from Sweden.'' He said. '' Okay Erik.. You can sit next to John'' Harry said. John waved to Erik so he saw who it was.

Harry's POV

I saw how Ida looked at the new student. Just like she looked at me the first day. '' Ida Anderson! Can I talk to you about last weeks homework?'' I said. '' Yeah sure'' She said and we got out from the classroom. '' What was that?!?!'' I shouted whispered. '' What?!'' she asked. '' I saw the look you gave him.'' I said.

Almira's POV

I heard Mr Styles shout. I wondered why.... Cornelia looked at me and at the same time someone patted me on my shoulder. I turned around and saw the new guy. '' Hi I'm Erik. I just wondered who that girl was'' He said. '' What girl?'' Cornelia asked. '' The one who went out with Mr Styles'' He said. '' That's Ida, our friend!'' I said. '' Can you give her this?'' He said and gave me a note. '' sure'' I said and he went back to his desk. '' I wonder what it says'' I said to Cornelia. '' open it!'' Cornelia said. '' NO we can't do that'' I said.

Erik's POV

I thought about Ida... I wonder if she has a boyfriend. I hope she reads the note. the door opened and Ida and Mr Styles came in. I could see that she had been crying and Mr Styles looked really mad. What could have happened?. '' Sorry for all this. All classes are cancelled. You can go home now, see you tomorrow!'' He said and left the classroom quickly. Ida sat with her friends and started to cry. I went home and waited for the clock to be 3 pm.

Ida's POV

I started to cry a bit. Me,Almira and Cornelia went out of the classroom. We stood at our lockers when Almira gave me a note. '' What is this?'' I asked. '' It's a note from the new guy!!'' Cornelia said. I read the note. It said '' Hey! I

Want to get to know you. Meet up on Starbucks at 3pm? / Erik '' I started to smile. '' What did it say?'' Almira asked. '' He wants to get to know me.'' I said. I went home with a smile on my lips. Harry got mad at me today.. Just because I looked at the new guy and bla bla bla. I got in to my room and changed to a pair of black skinny jeans and a grey shirt. It was 2:43 pm so I went to Starbucks. I saw him there. '' Hi! '' I said. '' Hello, It's nice to see you here'' He said.. '' Yeah. Let's order something'' I said. '' Sure! I order for you. Do you want a coffee or something?'' he said. '' Yeah that would be great'' I said '' Okay go sit somewhere.'' He said. I sat down at a table next to the window. He came with our coffees. '' Tell me about yourself'' He said. '' Okay. My name is Ida, I'm 15 years old. I live with my mom coz my brothers usually sleep at my dads house. And I have a boyfriend that I spend very much time with.'' I said. '' Okay I'm Erik, I'm 17 and I live with my mom, dad, my sister and my brother.'' He said. '' But why are you going in year 9 if you are 17?'' I asked. '' I don't want to talk about it'' He said. We chatted and drank our coffee.

Harry's POV

I wanted to take Ida's mom with me to the mall so I could buy Ida a good Christmas gift. We sat in my car on our way to the mall. I parked my car. Starbuck was close to the mall so we wanted to take a coffee before we did anything else.

Ida's POV

We had so fun together when I saw something that I didn't want to see. '' What is it?'' Erik Asked. '' Ehm It's my mom and my boyfriend. I don't want them to see me'' I said. '' Why not?'' he asked. '' Because me and my boyfriend had a fight today'' I said. '' Where is your mom and boyfriend'' He asked. '' Over there'' I said '' Are your boyfriend Mr Styles?!?'' He asked '' Yes but please don't tell anyone!'' I said and hid me under the table.

Harry's POV

Me and Kitte ordered coffee and went to a table when I saw someone. '' Hello Erik!'' I said. '' Hi Mr Styles!'' he said. Me and Kitte sat down at our table and drank our coffee. '' Me and Ida had a fight today'' I said. '' Oh no why?'' She asked. '' I got a bit jealous when she looked at the new guy. I know it was wrong but she gave him that look that she gave me the first time she saw me.'' I said a bit embarrassed. '' You'll make it up later'' She said '' I hope so. I really love her and I'm afraid that I might lose her someday..'' I said. '' Don't worry about that Harry, you wont. She said. I was going to call Ida and say sorry when I dropped my phone. I bent down to take it up when I saw someone under Erik's table. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was Ida. She saw me too. She came to our table and stared at me and her mom. '' I need to talk to you'' Ida said. '' We'll be right back'' I said to Ida's mom. We went out to my car so we could be alone. '' What is your problem Ida?!?!'' I asked. '' You are my problem!'' She said.'' What have I done?'' I asked. '' You haven't done anything. It's just, we can never do anything together. I know that you are mad at me because I'm here with Erik.'' She said. '' Yeah because I know that he likes you. He's flirting with you all the time!'' I said. '' What about all the girls that is flirting with you or all the girls in my class? Do you think it's fun for me to see them flirting with my boyfriend?!?'' She yelled at me. '' Of course not! But what can I do about it?'' I asked. '' I don't know Harry, you need to figure something out'' she said and went out of the car.

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