My new teacher ( Harry Styles Love story)

Ida Anderson is a 15 year old girl who lives in London with her family. Summer brake is now over and she starts school again. What happens when a special person walks in to her classroom? What happens when he tell them that he is their new teacher?!?! Read to find out..


2. MY TEACHER!?!?!?!

He came in and stood infront of us. ''Hi everyone! I'm Mr Styles and I'm your new teacher'' He said. ''Hi Mr Styles!'' All of us said.  ''OMg he's hot'' Cornelia whispered so just me and Almira heard it.

Harry's POV: 

'' So guys..We gonna have a student meeting today and we gonna start with the one who is first on the class list'' I said. I saw three girls whisper something to each other and then one of them started to laugh. I think that one was Cornelia.  '' oKay Ehmm Anne  you are first so come with me'' I said. I talked with Anne and next  is Ida Andersson. '' Ida Andersson come here'' I said.  She is beautiful and tall. '' You can sit here'' I said. ''Okay'' she said. ''So ehmm you are Ida right?'' I asked. ''Yes'' She said.  She is so beautiful. No what am I thinking?!? I can't like my student. '' I've seen your grades and I think you should study more.. maybe I could help you?'' I said. '' Ehmm sure?'' She said. '' We can talk about it after this class'' I said. ''Okay'' she said and went in to our classroom again.

Ida's POV

I sat down between Cornelia and Almira and told them what  Mr Styles said.. The bell rang and the class was over. '' Ida stay here for a moment'' Mr Styles said. I did as he said. He closed the door when everyone was out. '' Do you want to study with me? '' He asked. '' Ehmm where?'' I said. ''At my house '' He said. ''Okay'' I said............

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