My new teacher ( Harry Styles Love story)

Ida Anderson is a 15 year old girl who lives in London with her family. Summer brake is now over and she starts school again. What happens when a special person walks in to her classroom? What happens when he tell them that he is their new teacher?!?! Read to find out..


10. gone

Ida's POV:

I'm scared right now. I don't know how she could find out. I could see the fear in Harry's eyes. "What have I done?!?" I asked Anne. " I saw you kiss Mr Styles!" She said. Both me and Harry froze. And at the same time the principal came in. " sit down everyone!" She said. Everyone did what she said. " Mr Styles and Ida Anderson, come with me. "She said. We went out with the principal. "Anderson! You can go home" she said. I did as she said. I felt tears stream down my face. How could this happen?

Harry's POV:

We went in to the principals office, she told me to sit down. I did as she said. "So Mr Styles.. I've heard some rumours about you and a student here. And I know that you have a new job now but it was a student from this school so you can't get out of it." She said. '' What are you going to do about it?" I asked. " I forbid you to meet her again. You need to move away from this town. And if I see you near this girl again I promise you that I will talk with the police" she said. I couldn't believe what she just said. " are you crazy?!? I can't leave my girlfriend. She's my everything!" I said. " sorry but you just have to leave her. You can go now" she said and I ran out of the school. Fuck this shit. I can't just leave her, it will break her heart, and mine too. I went home so I could calm down a little. What am I going to tell Ida?

Ida's POV:

I sat down in the kitchen with my mom. I didn't want to tell her what happened. I got a message on my phone, it was from Harry.

- Hi baby, I need to talk to you. Are you at home?

- yes

- good, I'll be there soon.

I could feel the tears again. " is something wrong sweety?" My mom asked. " no mom everything is fine" I lied. "Okay, I need to go to my work now. Call me if you want to talk" she said and went out. I was finally alone. I heard a knock on my door so I opened it. It was Harry. We sat down in my couch. " I'm sorry to say this but we can't be together anymore." He said and I started to cry. " why?" I asked. " because I need to move, I can't live near you." He said and started to cry too. " you can't do this to me!" I said. " I have too" He said and left.

I broke down. The love of my life is gone.

Harry's POV:

That was the worst thing I've ever done. How could I do this? She is my everything, what am I going to do without her. I started to cry even more now.

~ hi! I hope you like it so far! :)

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