My new teacher ( Harry Styles Love story)

Ida Anderson is a 15 year old girl who lives in London with her family. Summer brake is now over and she starts school again. What happens when a special person walks in to her classroom? What happens when he tell them that he is their new teacher?!?! Read to find out..


1. First day of school

Ida's POV 

I was woken up by my alarm clock..School starts today,I hate school but I have to do my best cuz it's my last year.  I put on makeup and did my hair in a bun. I got my clothes on and looked in the mirror. I'm not one of those skinny girls you can see in a magazine. I have fat on my body and I'm happy about that! I eat breakfast,brushed my teeth and then went to school. I saw my two best friends Cornelia and Almira they stood at my locker. ''Hiii girls'' I shouted  ''Heyy'' Almira and Cornelia says at the same time. We walked to our clasroom and sat us down. Then we saw a tall guy walk in.. ''OMG''

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