Claire lives in the city she grew up in, London. She works hard,late hours that barely pays the rent for her little flat. Having no parents supporting her, no siblings, and no friends, she's on her own. Except her boyfriend John, who she's not even very fond of anymore, but to leave him means death. Having people pity her, especially famous people, isn't what she wants. Will she ever find a way out of her horrible life?


3. Lies, Tears, & Misery

Claire’s POV:

As Liam walked up to the door, I found myself feeling nervous. I’ve heard of One Direction, they are the biggest boy band in the world, and I’m about to meet them. I looked over myself, making sure none of my disgusting bruises were showing, thank God Sophia let me borrow a long sleeve shirt.

“Boys!” Liam opened the door and welcomed them in with his arms wide open. All of them let out a roar of laughter and joined in a group hug, well more of a group tackle. I felt a bit uncomfortable, so I started to slowly shuffle away, but someone caught me.

“Who’s this?” The boy with shaggy brown hair, tattoos, and pretty blue eyes looked me over. All I could do was stand and stare.

“Boys, this is Sophia’s oldest friend, Claire.” Liam walked over to me and wrapped a comforting arm around my shoulder.

“Hello Claire, I’m Louis.” The shaggy haired boy introduced himself and nodded at me.

“Right, that’s Louis, this is Niall.” A blonde haired boy smiled at me and waved.”That’s Zayn.” He pointed to a dark haired boy with gorgeous facial features and a lot of tattoos. He flashed me a pair of pearly white teeth and I couldn’t help but smile back. “And this is Harry.” I ripped my gaze from Zayn’s gorgeous face and brought it to a boy with a tall quiff pulling back his curls, stunning green eyes, and a tattooed chest.

“Nice to meet you.” He bowed his head for a moment and smirked at me. If I would’ve none how attractive these boys would be, then I probably would have put on more makeup than cover-up.

“Claire’s gonna join us for dinner.” Liam announced and they boys smiled at me.

“Lovely, more time to get to know you, eh?” Louis smiled, wrapped an arm around my other shoulder, and pulled me away from Liam. He led me into the sitting room, followed by the rest of the boys, and sat next to me. Liam sat on the other side, while the other boys sat on the other couch.

“Liam could you help me?” Sophia shouted from the kitchen.

“Yeah, I’m coming.” Liam yelled back and went into the kitchen.

“Hi Sophia!” Harry yelled and the boys mimicked. I just sat and watched, they were pretty entertaining.

“Anyway, so Claire, how do you know Sophia?” Louis turned to me and smiled. I got a little shy and just shrugged. Good job Claire! The rest of the boys had their eyes on me too, so it was sort of stressful.

“Ehm…” I chewed on the inside of my cheek before continuing. “We grew up together; she lived down the street from me when we were younger.” I quietly replied and the boys seemed interested.

“Wow, that’s cool.” Niall smiled at me and I just looked down. I felt like I was making them uncomfortable with my shyness, so I decided to excuse myself.

“I’m sorry boys, I’ll be right back, I’ve got to make a call.” I gave them a small smile and they nodded. I sighed in relief once I walked into the kitchen. “I think I’m too shy for them.” I joked and Sophia flashed me a smile.

“They’re probably used to shyness, love.” She looked over at Liam who was buttering the bread.

“I wanted to ask you, can I use your phone?” I fidgeted with my hands, hoping she wouldn’t ask why.

“Yeah, sure. It’s over there on the counter.” She nodded her head towards her phone and I quickly grabbed it. I walked over to her room and closed the door. Please, God, let him be happy. Please, please, let him be calm. I silently prayed to myself and dialed his number. It only rang once before he picked it up.

“Where the fuck are you!?” He yelled into the phone, which made me flinch.

“You left me at Mattie’s.” I quietly replied.

“Yeah and guess who’s not there when I came to pick her up?! Oh yeah, you!” He spat and I could feel the fear creeping into my chest.

“I was sore, John. I had to go somewhere.” I weakly defended myself.

“The fuck you were! I fucked you good and hard, like you fucking deserved! Now where the fuck are you!?” He demanded and I flinched again. Should I tell him? Or should I ignore him and forget about him? I can’t do that, he’ll find me and kill me for sure.

“I’m-I’m at a friend’s…” I stuttered out.

“You don’t have fucking friends! Are you cheating on me??” He questioned.

“I could barely walk, let alone have sex again after what you did to me.” I spat out and immediately regretted it.

“You’re at that skank, Sophia’s, aren’t you??”

“N-no, I-I don’t e-even talk to h-her anymore John.” I miserably lied and I knew I would be severely punished for lying.

“You better be fucking ready. Cuz there’s a storm coming. And that storm is my fist.” He ended the call, leaving me terrified and trembling. Fuck, fuck. I knew I shouldn’t have stayed here. Fuck, should I run? I frantically looked around the room, searching for an answer that wasn’t there. I just sat and let the tears streak for a moment before I heard a tapping at the door.

“Yes?” I shakily asked.

“Dinner’s ready, Sophia wanted me to tell you.” An unfamiliar voice talked through the door.

“O-okay.” I wiped my face, pulling up my sleeves a bit in the process. “I-I’ll be out in a min-minute.” I stood and tried to control my breathing, but was failing.

“Are you alright?” The voice asked again and I jumped as the door quietly opened. I stood, wide eyed, looking at those a pair of stunning green eyes. “Oh, I’m sorry, love.” He backed up a bit, probably feeling uncomfortable.

“Uh, it’s fine.” I wiped my eyes again and took a breath. “You’re fine, I-I’m fine.” I tried to smile, but I could still feel the tears running down my face.

“Hey, it’s okay.” Harry stood a step forward, but I didn’t respond, I just continued silently crying. “It’s okay.” He moved his arms to pull me into a hug, but instead I flinched. He gave me a perplexed look while I cowered. I finally realized what I had been doing and shot up, wiping my face.

“S-sorry… I’m s-sorry” I tried to walk past him, but he stepped in front of me. He analyzed me, trying to figure out why I had acted that way. It was just a reflex, usually John tries to comfort me and make me feel okay before he hits me.

“What happened to your arm?”He nodded towards my exposed right forearm. I panicked and covered it.

“Uhm, I’m just a klutz I guess.” I lied and rushed past him. I didn’t know what I was going to tell Sophia, so I figured I’d just think of it on the spot.

“Hello!” Louis greeted me as I entered the dining room, but I didn’t reply.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Sophia immediately stood and walked over to me.

“Nothing, just angry. The boss called me into work; I’ve got to be there in a half-hour.” I lied and handed her, her phone.

“Thanks.” She took it and shoved into her shallow pocket. “You got a ride?” She looked me over with her concerned expression and I nodded my head.

“Yeah, one of my coworkers.” I lied again.

“Alright, well call me, love. Alright?” She gave me a light hug and returned to her seat.

“It was nice meeting you all. I’m sorry I can’t stay.” I gave them a weak smile before walking away.

“Nice to meet you too!” Louis called to me as I headed over to Sophia’s room again. I stepped in and it seemed empty. No sign of Harry. I grabbed my damp, torn clothes from the edge of her bed and put them on. I carefully folded Sophia’s clothes and set them on her dresser before walking out the door. I waited for John in the cold London air, feeling myself start to shiver again. The sun had already gone down, so it was dark, but not midnight dark. I looked down the street and stopped cold when I saw the familiar head lights driving this way. This is it. He pulled up in his silver truck and I rushed to get inside.

“I knew you were here you little slut.” John spat once I was in the car. I buckled my seat belt, but as soon as I looked over at him, I felt a big hand meet my left cheek. The stinging pain was unbearable as I clutched the cheek he had just struck. I felt the silent tears streak down my face again. “Oh, don’t start crying yet, we haven’t even gotten to the good parts.” He gave me a malicious smile as he pulled away from the flat. I wiped my tears and took one last look at my hour long sanctuary. My eyes widened when I noticed a familiar pair of eyes watching me from the window. His brown curls and bright eyes were unmistakable.  

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