Claire lives in the city she grew up in, London. She works hard,late hours that barely pays the rent for her little flat. Having no parents supporting her, no siblings, and no friends, she's on her own. Except her boyfriend John, who she's not even very fond of anymore, but to leave him means death. Having people pity her, especially famous people, isn't what she wants. Will she ever find a way out of her horrible life?


5. I Need to Change

Claire stood alone in the living room, defeated, and hurt. She was hurt because she saw the disappointment in Harry's eyes. She felt weak and miserable. Here she is hiding from her abusive boyfriend, fishing for help, but not willing to take any. Claire didn't like that. She didn't like feeling weak and out of control. Harry's piercing eyes sparked a fire in her. That disappointed look was written on all of her close friends faces when they came to learn of her circumstances, and it was horrible. She could hear the chatter and laughter of the boys from the kitchen and she realized she wanted to leave. She hurriedly maneuvered into Liam's room, got dressed in her now dry clothes, collected her things, and left.

She walked down the stairs, onto the street, and just kept going. Her mind was racing a million miles a minute, until she stopped at a familiar spot; the park she used to spend hours at when she was younger. Without a moments hesitation, she ran over to the tree that bared her and John's initials in it. She traced her fingers over the 'J+C' and smiled at the memory of that day. John had changed so much over the years and Claire never cared. She gave her life to him and all he did was slap her around like a worthless piece of meat. Anger boiled up inside her and she made up her mind.

"I will not be weak." She whispered to herself. Saying it out loud made the statement more meaningful. She had so many better opportunities out there and she settles for this!? This miserable excuse for a life? She's reached the last straw, maybe because she couldn't take one more look like Harry's disappointed gaze, or maybe because she's tired of hurting in every way possible. Today was the day she was going to make a change. But the question was, where to start?

Harry's POV:

"So, what's the long story?" Lou nudged Liam's arm.

"Yeah, what happened last night?" Niall asked, a boyish grin spread across his face.

"Nothing. She was walking in the rain and didn't want to go home." Liam shrugged and looked in his fridge.

"What? No shagging?" Louis asked, a bit surprised.

"Of course not, she's a friend, and I love Sophia." He admitted and the boys awed in response.

"Why didn't she want to go home?" I asked, obviously knowing the answer, but I wanted to see what he would say.

"Uhm, too far, I guess." He shrugged again and pulled out some orange juice. I shook my head and decided to go and check on Claire whilst the boys chattered on about their plans for today. I walked back into the living room, only to be greeted by an empty makeshift bed, and silence. Confused, I walked down to the bathroom, it was open and empty. Where's Claire? I went into Liam's room and, again, found no one. No note, no goodbye, nothing. Where could she have gone?

Claire's POV:

How could he do this to me? I stood in a crowded bank as I listened to the woman behind the bank tell me I already took out my savings. He stole all of my savings! Every penny I worked so hard for, he fucking took it! I can feel my face turning red with anger.

"Miss, are you all right?" The lady at the desk asked me, but I was too shocked to say anything. The surprise quickly formed into blind anger and I turned and stormed out of the building. "Miss?" The woman called after me, but I ignored her. Fuck him and his whores!I could feel my body becoming weak because of the turmoil I had been put through these last few days, but I ignored it and raced home.

John's car was there and I knew his whore was probably still there too. I ran up to the door, of course the dipshit left it unlocked, and barged in. I was fuming by now and slammed our bedroom door open.

"How fucking dare you?" I tried to sternly speak, but it was more of a yell. He was startled awake by the opening of the door and now him and a redheaded crack-whore were looking at me with startled expressions. John's expression quickly turned to rage as he slowly got out of bed, only dressed in boxers.

"Excuse you?" He growled at me and stepped closer. I could feel the terror rising in my stomach, but I tried my best to suppress it.

"How dare you steal my money? After all I put up with?! How fucking evil are you!?" I screamed at him.

"Steal your money?" He let out a malicious chuckle and returned his cold eyes towards me. "That's my money and I didn't steal it, I earned it."

"Oh, really? You earned it? How the fuck did you earn it?!" I could feel hot tears forming in my eyes.

"I earned it by putting up with your needy ass for all these fucking years!" He spat at me and advanced. I had no time to dodge the fist coming for my cheek and was quickly struck down. I breathed in a deep breath, tears streaming because of the intense pain on my left cheek, and mustered all my strength into a hard kick to his groin. He let out a yelp of pain and recoiled a bit, giving me a moment to catch my breath. But it wasn't long before he pounced on me, kicking, punching, and throwing me around. I had no strength left to fight back and I silently wished the redheaded girl would help me, but she had long since ran out. I winced in pain as he grabbed me by the neck and hoisted me up to the wall, slamming me into it. I clawed and scratched, but it was no use against his giant hands around my neck. I silently prayed for someone, anyone to help me, but no one came. I struggled one last time before my thoughts started getting clouded and my vision got blurry.

"CLAIRE!!!" Was the last muffled scream I heard before everything went black.

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