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Jasmine Pillard was the star pupil of the Dystopian leader Malcolm Rose. She was to take over as leader when he stepped down...she's only known one thing; to hate the other side. Jasmine Pillard has only known violence, while the other side enjoyed their life taking care of the elderly and the poor; here in Sephora the elderly didn't exist, you were killed on your 65th birthday, and the poor simply didn't exist; no one lost their jobs had a job and you kept it until you died. If you didn't do it, you were exterminated and your family was relocated.

On the other side of Sephora, the Utopia of the war was different. There the pupil of their leader had only known love and kindness. Philip Kingston was kind and bright, sensitive and talented on the battle field. He knew when he had to kill and when he didn't. When he meets Jasmine, their worlds collide and together they have to find whats right and what's wrong in their world.


2. United



Chapter Two: United


We are only as strong as we are UNITED, as weak as we are DIVIDED.~J.K Rowling



The two royals entered the grand dining hall together. Arm in arm as they had been for the whole day up to that point. Philip kissed Jasmine's hand in goodbye to go to his seat next to the head of the table. Jasmine was led to a seat on the right of the King, a crossed from the Prince. Jasmine sat there slightly uncomfortable, after all she did just get engaged; to a prince she was supposed to hate.  The King asked her if everything was alright, picking up on the tension in the room around him. Jasmine was slow to answer, unsure whether or not if she should lie to the King of Light Sephora or not.


"Uncle, we have some news to inform you of." Philip said before she could speak.


"What is it dear boy?" The eagerness in the King's eyes alerted her to the fact that it was the King's idea after all. 


"Jasmine and I, well we've decided to wed. Isn't that right Jasmine?"


"Yes, that's correct. You see we believe it would be in the best interest of both Sephora's if we wed. Why not unite the Divide, and bring together the lands and share in the splendor in which both have to offer? Think about the food possibilities, and the natural resources that each Sephora has but not the other. It would beneficial to both of our kingdoms if it were to unite under the rule of the new leaders, don't you agree King Viktor?"


"Of course, I couldn't of explained it better myself. How does Malcolm feel of this?"


"Malcolm will understand. Even if he doesn't he'll be dead in a fortnight."


"My dear, I believe its time I tell you."




"Malcolm Rose is scheduled for death in four days, not fourteen." King Viktor held Jasmine's hand as he delivered the news. He was not expecting an emotional response from the Dark Sephorian princess, but the response he received shook him to his very core. Jasmine Pillard, never saw the reason for emotions until then. Or why humans had them for that matter they just got in the way. Jasmine was different then the other citizens of Dark Sephora, she could feel. She loved Malcolm like a child would love a father; losing him after all they had endured together almost seemed worse then her giving up her own life. She felt a part of herself break and shatter as she ingested the news of how soon her mentor would be exterminated. The tears overflowed from her eyes like water from a broken dam.  


The looks on the faces of the royals sitting a crossed from her told her that she was an emotional wreck. That her show of emotion was a surprise to them, hell it was a surprise to her as well. Jasmine felt betrayed, and worst all she felt guilty. Here she was falling in love, and being happy and having fun when her mentor, her father was preparing for his death in four days time. 


"How do you know of this?" Jasmine asked the king between gut wrenching sobs.


"Lord Rose and I do not speak often but when we do, we often owe each other favors. Your mentor asked me to take you in for a couple days until his death was fulfilled. He didn't want you there; he was afraid you'd try to stop the process. He gave me this to give to you. He instructed me not to give it to you until the fifth day but I suppose I'll get it to you now, since there's no way off of this side of the Divide until his death is fulfilled." King Viktor pushed an envelope with the seal of the Dictator of Dark Sephora, a black rose. Jasmine tenderly picked up the piece of paper and opened the seal carefully. Inside was a letter addressed to her,


Dearest Jasmine,

                             I'm writing this to you knowing I'll be dead when your eyes meet the paper. I know that I lied to you and for that I am deeply sorry. It had to be done, Jasmine I want you to know that you were the best thing that had ever happened to me. You were not just a student, you were my daughter in every since of the word. I love you; I know I may not have shown it but I did. Or as much as a Dark Sephorian could. I just want you to know whatever decision you make in the future for Sephora, know that I will support you no matter where I am.

I trust that you keep the treaty between the two Divides; Philip is not as bad as I made him out to be. He's quite charming and intelligent if only he was Dark Sephorian, he'd be the ideal mate for you. I wish you the best of luck in all you exploits and decisions, battles and wars. Know this my dearest princess, if you do choose to unite the Sephora's remember this,

"Conflict, and Bloodshed. For that will result in the Seven Hundred Year War. To Separate we must. In fear of extinction yes. To unite again would result in Civil War." 

I trust you, perhaps you could avoid the Civil War I was afraid of unleashing. Yes I too wanted to unite the Sephora's. It was a plan forged between Viktor and I many years ago before I was sent to Dark Sephora to rule. Yes I am half Light Sephorian. I hope that doesn't change anything you thought of me before. That is why I  was able to feel emotion, like you are able to. Yes Jasmine, you are half Light Sephora. Your mother, she was Light, and your Father Dark. They died because of their love, don't let that happen again Jasmine. Protect Love, for it is the most powerful gift one can give. I love you Jasmine, forever and always.


                                                       Love Always, Your caring Mentor, Father, and Friend~                                                                                                          Malcolm Rose


Jasmine replaced the letter in the envelope and wiped her tears. She looked up at Philip and saw concern in his blue eyes. She then looked to Viktor who simply smiled and placed his hand on her's. 


"Malcolm, he loves me and he's sorry for lying to me. He supports any decision I may make. Philip I hope your ready to smooth over the wounds of the Seven Hundred Year War. Civil War may be upon us as soon as we announce our engagement."


"I was born ready." Philip smiled. Jasmine wasn't so sure his words proved him ready for such a difficult task. Dark Sephora would not take the news too kindly and would be the first to declare war if she didn't contact Malcolm first. 


"If you excuse me."

"Of course." Jasmine returned to her room and pulled out the communication tablet Malcolm had given her. She dialed Malcolms CT number and his face emerged. 


"Jasmine! How nice it is to see your face." Malcolm said smiling. 


"Malcolm, I need you to make an announcement to Dark Sephora."


"What kind of announcement?"


"Remember the plan you forged with Viktor?"




"I need you to tell the citizens that a wedding will be announced. The wedding once bound will unite the Divide."


"You and Philip?"


"Yes Malcolm. Can you do this for me? For Sephora?"


"I will. I love you Jasmine."


"I read the letter Malcolm. And I always viewed you as a father. I love you. Good bye Malcolm Rose." She hit disconnect and returned to the grand dining hall.  "Everything is fine in Dark Sephora. Malcolm is making the announcement there and he'll smooth everything over. I hope."




Malcolm Rose sat in his study, his star pupil was getting married, and fulfilling his secret plan for uniting the Divide. He rose from his chair and went over to the giant monitor and clicked, 'Mass Communication' 


"Citizens of Dark Sephora. This is your Dictator Malcolm Rose. I have a special announcement to make. As you all know my Death Day is in a few days time. And the woman who is to take over, Jasmine Pillard has just informed me of her engagement. I'm very happy about this engagement. Do you know why? Well I'll tell you, this engagement will unite the Sephora's, and the Divide will be broken forever. Now you will not revolt for this is my last wish and command as your dictator. We all know the laws don't we? The Dictator gets to make one final law that will never be broken or surpassed. Mine is that it is now illegal for any Dark Sephorian to rebel or call out Civil War. Do we understand? The wedding will happen, and Sephora will be united. This is my dying wish and you will respect it. Good day." Malcolm Rose hit the end communication button and sat back down. His old age catching up to him already.



Four Days later:


Malcolm Rose followed the medical professionals deep within the confines of his mansion. To the crypt to be more blunt. Malcolm wore all white and the insignia rose, that stood for his name. He laid in the coffin made of black onyx and the doctors around him prepared for his death. 


"You sir, were the best dictator we've had here in Dark Sephora." on said as he injected Malcolm with the serum that would put him to sleep...forever. "It was pleasure putting you to rest." Malcolm shut his eyes and fell into the abyss that was death.




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