Me Mecha

We train as Worias here .


1. Are you there OVer !

 " X4 X4 Over " 
" R4 R4 We hear ya Over "

" X4 X4 Over Base 6984 is Under attack , A freaking plane has crush landed from out of no where "

I spoke with a throbbing voice 

i shivered all over my arms 

My hands were shaking through out 

I tried to focus through out 

 Our Base had Just exploded

We were out of hope 

                  I thought .

My name Kenin Juvenile and

I am what you would call an Alien  

Oh I was a Human Alright .

  But i Now i am all Confused

Our Base was flooded with Flames

And our Captain was was 

 ...I couldn't even say it




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